Yes, Sexting Happens in Middle School. Here’s How to Talk to Kids about It

“Developing healthy online habits takes attention, discussion, and lots of practice. The road is full of bumps but luckily gets smoother as parents help kids navigate the potholes.”

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3 Things You Can Do to Help Teen Girls Navigate Online Dating

“As much as 70 percent of teens are online dating and most online dating users do so in private and without their parents’ knowledge or permission. Let’s help her navigate this virtual world safely, in the ways we can, either from the periphery or as involved as she’ll allow.”

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Parents, We Need to Talk to Our Teens About Sexting

As awkward as the convo might be, more parents need to talk about this with their teens.

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Stop Shaming April the Giraffe

Photo: Pixabay
For over a month now, Facebook news feeds, mom groups, and Twitter have all been going wild over April the giraffe and her baby that’s on the way. The expectant mom’s labor has not yet led to the…

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