8 Ways to Serve a Vegetable in Your Kid’s Lunchbox

“Playing with the textures and the shapes is a wonderful opportunity to pick the curiosity and the interest of your child.”

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Adorable Kids’ Haircuts & Hairstyles to Try This Fall

It’s probably been a while since you gave your kids’ hair any thought. Here are a few new ideas for fall.

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When Shaving Becomes a Family Affair

“This August, it will be five years that Dominic has been going to the same barber to get a haircut and shave. That in itself is a huge milestone as anyone with a child or adult with sensory sensitivities knows.”

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Food Trucks That Cater (and Kids Love)!

Los Angeles food trucks that will keep the kids fed and happy.

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Slow Cooker Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Breasts

This crock pot recipe from Queen of My Kitchen is sure to be a winner with kids and adults alike.

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The Most Unusual Desserts in the Bay Area

From rolled ice cream to 10-inch donuts, we’ve found some truly under-the-radar treats your whole family will delight in.

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35 Reasons to Be Thankful That You Are a Bay Area Parent

Our kids have got it good—tidepools, farmstays and museums galore. It’s no surprise that Bay Area parents are here to stay!

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This Mom Nearly Lost It When Her Husband Revealed He Had Shaved His Son’s Head

Find out how this mom reacted when her husband admitted he shaved their son’s hair.

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Getting Real About New Year’s Resolutions and Parenting Lessons Learned in 2016

During the month of January, we’re asking you get honest about your goals and lessons learned, and share your story here on Spoke.

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Just Opened: Powder Shaved Snow

It’s not ice cream, it’s not shaved ice…it’s shaved snow! After one bite, you will know you’ve never tried anything like it before.

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Boy Plays Barber And Horribly Shaves His Own Head

We’ve all seen some awful haircuts. However, this one takes the cake. Watch this boys reaction after he shaved his head with dad’s razor. Whoops!

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Photo and video courtesy of Kyoot Kids via YouTube

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Beyond Bubba Gump: New Foodie Hall Debuts in Times Square

An affordable and family-friendly culinary oasis serving home grown dishes has arrived in Midtown. Chow baby!

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Where to Score PDX-Style Super Bowl Party Food

No Super Bowl party is complete without game day food. Here’s where to find the best wings, pizza and subs for your party.

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Cartoon Characters Shave Their Heads to Show Bald is Beautiful

Find out how Snoopy and friends showed their support for cancer awareness week.

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Tea Is for Toddlers: Hotel Bel-Air’s Little Royal’s Tea

The Hotel Bel-Air’s tea for tots makes the day feels like it was delivered from the heavens above – and your mini royalty will enjoy it right alongside you.

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Quick and Delicious Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are much easier to make than most people think.  In fact, they are so simple, my kid has the ingredients and process memorized.  Given the time of year, it’s kind of nice to have these lying around.  A…

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Snow in July: Shave Ice for All Seasons

Snowball fight!  With dog-days of summer are nipping at our heels, finding a frozen refreshment that tickles our fancy while quenching our thirst is a home run.  Shave ice is hardly a new invention, yet it’s gaining popularity with kids…

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Five Delicious Summer Salads

It’s summer and we cannot get enough nicely dressed greens, pickled veggies and the unexpected appearance of wild cards like fruit, not to mention exceptional salads served in unexpected places. (Yes, maybe they should rename Safeco Field…of greens.) Here are…

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Arts & Crafts with Kids: Wax Paper Stained Glass

This easy kids craft project is for those moms and dads with oodles of broken bits of crayons laying around the house (sound familiar?). Instead of letting the broken crayons decay and mark up your drawers, we suggest using them…

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Los Angeles Food: Best Food Carts for Kids

Food trucks are all the rage for ravenous Angelenos and just because you have kids in tow doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the game. We’ve found a few that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.…

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