12 Easy Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Summer

These easy styles will help you make summer memories without worrying about your hair.

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Dads! You Need to Get Involved in Playtime and Here’s Why

Men, too often, are socialized to show the hard masculine side of love, and it’s really important that we realize that we can show what love is and what love isn’t throughout the play experience.

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12 Funny Baby Costumes You’ll Love

Baby’s Halloween costume can be sweeter than candy, but it’s oh-so easy (and tempting) to make them hilarious.

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20 Kid Questions About the Kardashians

Photo: Love and Knuckles
This weekend instead of playing Legos or baking cookies I asked my 7-year-old daughter and nearly 5-year-old son to watch an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on mute. It was my way of connecting…

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Now Open: Adopt & Shop

If your kiddos are constantly begging you for a furry new friend there’s no better place to visit than LA’s newest (and biggest) humane pet adoption & retail center.

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