12 Reasons Your Child Needs a Stroller Wagon

You know who loves stroller wagons even more than kids do? Parents. Here are 12 reasons why you need these wheels in your life.

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Want to Raise Respectful Kids? Then You Need to Do This First

If you think your kids aren’t watching you, hearing you or taking in the energy you are putting out into the community—yelling or cussing at another driver who may have cut you off—then you are missing the bigger picture.

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5 Children’s Books That Illustrate the Importance of Friendship

“Here are five children’s books (some old, some new), that touch on the importance of friendship and love and can easily spark an interesting discussion between a parent and child.”

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9 Fun & Easy Typing Games for Kids

Your kids are probably really good at tapping away on a phone or iPad. But how are their old-fashioned typing skills?

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Create an Epic New Dad Survival Kit

This new dad survival kit gets your man geared up for his new duties.

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Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt

Nick Carter & Wife Lauren Announce Birth of Their Third Child!

The Backstreet Boy and his wife welcomed baby number three.

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Mama, I See You

“I see your dedication. I see that you’re amazing. And I see that you’re doing a great job.”

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What It’s like to Be Induced at 41 Weeks

“An hour-by-hour look at being induced and waiting for our little one to arrive.”

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mom and baby

How My Son’s Diagnosis Taught Me More about Myself

“My entire life was changed two years ago by one word. But it’s the best change that could have happened to me.”

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How to Get Your Toddler to Wear a Mask

“With these tips and a little time, you will feel more comfortable trusting that they will wear a mask when it’s necessary.”

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Halsey Announces She Is Expecting First Child

The singer posted an adorable trio of maternity photos on her Instagram account.

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These Are the Days Pregnancy Sickness Is Likely to Start, New Study Reveals

What if you knew when you might get those tell-tale symptoms? This study shows how doctors may be able to narrow it down, to a three-day window!

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6 Things I Wish I Had Known about Breastfeeding before Giving Birth

“Had I known these things about breastfeeding, I think we could have better prepared mentally for what was coming and avoided so much stress and pain.”

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An Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching Children Gratitude

“In my professional expert opinion, most children want to be helpful and show appreciation, it’s the way children’s brains are wired. Being thankful is intrinsically motivating, which is behavior that is driven by internal reward.”

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3 Totally Unique Menorahs You Can Make at Home

Get creative with your menorah this year with one of these three easy and hip homemade versions.

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Miss the Movies? AMC Is Now Renting Theaters

Here’s your chance to host your own private viewing party!

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How to Ease the Long-Term Stress-Related Toll From COVID on Kids

“Let’s shift the narrative to one that both puts the well-being of parents first and provides children what they need during stressful and normal times.”

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Maison Me Adult Vote Sweatshirt

Maisonette Launches New Mommy & Me VOTE Collection

Inspire even the littlest ones to use their voices in a big way.

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Is It Safe to Send My Child Back to Daycare during COVID-19?

“Choosing whether to send your child back to daycare is not an easy decision. Financial, personal, and societal responsibilities are all factors that need to be considered.”

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Mattel Releases New Alex Morgan Barbie Doll

Recreate the soccer star’s moments on the field with this fully posable doll.

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Barbie Campaign Team

Barbie Launches Campaign Team with Candidate, Campaign Manager, Fundraiser & Voter Dolls

This new set show girls the importance of a political team working together to win.

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Nerds Gummy Clusters

Nerds Gummy Clusters Bring Together Crunchy & Gummy

This candy features crunchy mini Nerds surrounding sweet gummy centers.

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Josh Brolin & Wife Kathryn Expecting Second Child Together

Kathryn revealed the big news on Instagram today.

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Hello Bello Rocket Box

Hello Bello Launches Rocket Box Bundles

Hello Bello is also collaborating with retired NASA astronaut and artist, Nicole Scott.

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Zulily & Penguin Random House Have Teamed Up to Help Kids in Need

For each book sold on Zulily, Penguin Random House will donate a book.

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baby with fedora

Study Shows Babies Know When They Are Being Imitated & Like It

Imitation has a positive effect on interaction.

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A Retirement Party for My Least Favorite Work Partner

I’m planning your retirement party next week, even though you’ve mostly just been a pain in the butt for that last year. You regularly made me late to meetings or required me to duck out early. You interrupted my work…

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“The Wonderful World of Disney” Will Make Movie Night a Little More Magical

Beloved titles currently available on Disney+, will be shown in prime time on ABC.

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