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SiriusXM’s “Camp KPL” Is Here to Entertain Your Kids This Summer

They will also feature “Instant Naptime,” the soothing cure to midday energy spikes.

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What My 8-Year-Old Taught Me about Feelings

We all feel emotions and get hurt by the behavior of others. But this solution from my 8-year-old may just help solve and avoid hurt feelings in the future.

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How “Fiver Parties” Will Change the Way You Do Birthdays

This new trend is a total party game changer.

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The 12 Stories Everyone Talked about This Year

Tantrum solutions, binge-watching Netflix and the moms who won the Internet. 2017, here’s why we can’t quit you.

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The New Way to Make Sure Santa NEVER Forgets Where You Are

Traveling for the holidays? This sweet and simple strategy will help reassure kids that Santa can find them wherever they go.

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Babies Are Less Fussy When Fathers Are Nicer to Their Wives, According To Science

The scientific reason why your husband needs to pamper you.

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Ditch the Apron: 7 Ideas for Dining Out

After a full day of getting the kids (and ourselves) up and out the door, carpools, play dates, and not to mention, our own work responsibilities, it almost seems cruel that we have to cook dinner too. We have a…

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