These Dads Doing Their Daughter’s Hair Are Too Cute for Words

There’s no reason why dads can’t experience the joys of whipping up a spectacular ‘do instead of regrettable hair don’ts.

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We Tried the Best Meal Delivery Services & Here’s What We Discovered

Nutritious, prepared meals directly to your home? Yes, please!

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Seeing the Beauty in 2020: What Really Mattered to Us This Year

While we’re not going to deny that 2020 has been a challenging year, there is beauty to be found from the things we’ve discovered about ourselves, our families and our communities.

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Pandemic Parenting: Managing Stress without Substances

“COVID-19 has caused both an increase in our stress levels and a rise in alcohol sales. We asked mental health experts for tips on how to relax without pouring that glass of wine.”

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Family Movie Night Bay Area Style

Plan your next movie night with these family favorites set in the Bay Area!

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This Dad’s Texts Went Viral After a Hamster-Related Meltdown

When he lost his daughter’s pet, this dad showed how much he truly loved dear old Chester.

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6 Reasons This Preschool Is Perfect for Your Child

Your quest for the perfect preschool ends here.

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This Dad Went to Disney World & Came Home With a Life-Saving Souvenir

This dad’s trip to the Magic Kingdom was truly as magical as a fairytale.

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12 Things No One Ever Tells You about Being a Single Dad

Nothing can fully prepare you for raising your children as a single dad.

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The Savvy Co-Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

I remember the very first Christmas I celebrated with my husband and stepchildren.
Let me set the scene a little. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! The baking, the craft making, the present wrapping, the surprises… And although Santa doesn’t pass out report…

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What I Learned on My Journey to Hiring the Perfect Babysitter

Before I had a child, I told myself that I would be a hands-on parent. I vowed that I would make myself available to personally attend to my child’s every need. But that was when I was an idealistic 20-year-old…

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4 Tried & True Tips to Become a Rockstar Single Dad

Photo: Deposit Photos
Single dads often get a bum rap. Remember these four guidelines to make it look easy!

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Repeat after me: “I AM. A ROCKSTAR.” No, not that…

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This Inspiring 14-Year-Old Is A College Math Teacher

photo: Daily Mail
Yasha Asley isn’t old enough to drive a car, but he can command a classroom full of college students at the University of Leicester in the U.K. At age 14, Yasha officially become not only the University’s…

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To the Good Dads From a Single Mom

Photo: Stephanie Portell
Nobody ever mentions the single dads.
And they are out there.

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My kids have one.
They hardly mention the dads who became moms, or the dads who still sent their ex flowers…

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9 Celebrities Who Have Twins (Who Aren’t Beyonce Or The Clooneys)

Parenting twins is all the rage in Hollywood. As a twin mommy myself, I am pleased as punch that I am ahead of the trend for once! Stop copying me, Beyonce. Yeppers Queen Bey is joining Club Twin and so…

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Target Debuts a ‘Strong Like Mom’ Shirt for Boys & Here’s How Parents On Facebook Are Responding

The retailer we all know and love (and spend most of our paychecks at), has caused a bit of a stir in their children’s clothing aisle. Target’s Cat & Jack line debuted a boys’ shirt with the slogan “Strong Like…

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Blending Families: Easier Said Than Done

Photo: Canva
After my divorce, I went to therapy and read many self-help books. I learned to take responsibility for my part of the problems in my first marriage. When I started dating again, I was convinced that a divorced…

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A Single Dad in a Mom’s World

For me, becoming a single dad wasn’t unlike showing up for your first day of work on a new job. In a foreign country. Where you don’t speak the language.
I recruited my friend who has two kids for my…

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A Seattle Company Is Changing The Way Kids Wear Backpacks

It’s a vest. It’s a backpack. It’s a vest with a built-in backpack, and it’s changing the way toddlers carry their gear from here to there.

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Pony Up: Father-Daughter Hair Salon

Photo Courtesy Reddit User MashedPotatoh 
That special father-daughter bond is a precious thing. And single dad Phillipe Morgese of Daytona, Florida, proves that dads will really do anything for their daughters. Philippe believes single dad or not, men should be…

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A Man of His Word: 6 Local Blogs by Funny Fathers

We polled three local, funny fathers who blog to get the inside scoop on where they take their tots in town and what they really want for Dad’s Day.

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San Diego Dad & Daughter on Ellen!!

Update: Did you catch Ellen on Friday?
Jorge & Alexa were on the show (did we call that or what?) singing and chatting with Ellen and it was adorable!
We love this youtube viral video of San Diego single dad…

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