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I Love You All So Much. Now Please Leave Me Alone

“For Mother’s Day this year, a friend has asked for what she calls: ‘Live like my husband day,’ where she can ‘enjoy my kid when I want to, and then just walk away at will and not be responsible for any of her care.'”

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Kids Need to Spend Time on Self-Care, Too

“We are a happy, healthy, self-caring family. All it took was me falling apart to begin the process.”

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6 Reasons Why Moms Rock (But You Already Knew That)

All mothers are amazing in their own right. We often find the energy and resolve we didn’t know we had. Sometimes, in our darkest, most difficult moments we surprise ourselves with our unconditional, selfless love and ability to be everything…

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To My Pediatrician, I’m Sorry I Can’t Answer All Of Your Questions

Photo: Anne Metz
To my Pediatrician:
First of all, let me say thank you for taking such good care of my babies and also for putting up with all my questions. You think by now, 10 years and four kids…

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10 TV Shows I Watched As A Kid That I Wish I Could Watch Now

Photo: Mental Floss
Last week a wicked sinus infection put the smack down on me and rendered me useless to my family. Relegated to my bedroom, I thought, hey,  Me + DVR = Good Times, right? Not exactly. Here’s the…

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Treating Your Child’s Sinus Drainage

Every day, each person’s respiratory tract produces mucus in order to protect itself from unwanted viruses, bacteria and other potential health threats.  But as WebMD reports, if your child has a cold, the flu, allergies or other respiratory problems, the…

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