Singer Michelle Branch Announces Pregnancy

This will be the third child for Branch.

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5 Ways to Make Your Child’s Transition to Having a Sibling Easier

Expecting number two (or three or four…)? It could be a good time to prepare your child to welcome a new member of your family! The transition to the role of big brother or sister can be tough for little…

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Beloved Children’s Author Eric Carle Passes Away at Age 91

Carle’s family announces his death was May 23.

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Royal Baby on the Way! Princess Beatrice Is Pregnant with First Child

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter is due this fall!

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Learning the Difference between Expectations & Reality

“I’ve learned that some friends will disappear, that family will be your best support system, and that you will have good days, and you will have very difficult days—many more than you want.”

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7 Ways to Welcome a New Baby Home… to Your Toddler

Photo: Whitney Summers Photography
“I peed all over myself and I ruined my new, special, sparkly shoes from my baby sister. It was my gift from my baby sister! It’s all ruined!”
This was not at all how I imagined…

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It’s Okay to Rest Your Weary Head

“It’s okay to take a pause and do what is meant for you at that moment. Not what is meant for your friend. Not what is meant for your mother. You. Do what is right for you.”

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This Awesome High Schooler Will Inspire Your Kids to Write Letters to Seniors

Want to spread a little sunshine to senior citizens? This teen-created organization is looking for kid volunteers!

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Come Join the New Place for Parents at Tinybeans

Want to be part of a community of parents who support each other? Join today!

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Audible Teams Up with Highlights to Bring Your Fave Characters to Life

Grab those headphones and catch plenty of peeps from Highlight Magazine.

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Crikey! “Bluey” Gets Special Guest From Down Under This Season

One famous Aussie family member is making an appearance!

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Aubrey Plaza’s New Book Is Not Like the Others & We’re So Happy

“Gather ‘round the fire to hear a Christmas legend that has never been told before…until now.”

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The Guilt of Being an Older Mom of a Single Child

“Not being able to give my son a sibling is the one thing I feel most guilty about. But one day I will tell my son about how he was conceived and how we tried to give him a sibling.”

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Make This Tonight: Tia Mowry’s Turkey Meatballs

The actress, mom and cook gave us a sneak peek of what’s in store for her new show by sharing one of her family’s favorite recipes.

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A Letter to My Son Whose Sister Has Special Needs

“Thank you for loving her and trying to reach her even when she seemed unreachable, for never giving up, and for understanding that her brain worked differently and that it wasn’t her fault.”

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girl coloring, crayons, crafts, printable, drawing

31 Free Thanksgiving Activity Pages That’ll Keep the Kids Busy

Your kids can color, match, and play their way until it’s turkey time with these great activity sheets.

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I’m a Different Parent Now & That’s OK

Photo: Natalie Silverstein (personal photo)
My oldest child is graduating from high school this month.  At age 18, she is considered an adult and mostly exhibits a maturity that will serve her well in college next Fall.  I hope we’ve…

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The Year Our Christmas Presents Changed Forever

Photo: Free-Photos/Pixabay
Our family Christmases were idyllic, if simple. Each year on Christmas Day, we would all open our presents. My sister and I would get doll clothes (this was when you got outfits, not multiple Barbies) and plush animals,…

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A World of Wait & See during COVID-19

“While I am very much a ‘you do you’ and ‘I will do me’ kind of person, it is hard at times and makes me question our approach. Are we doing the right thing?”

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Banana Bread Can Save the World

“My son’s despair, like a siren big and loud, showed me the depth of the need we all have for connection. I wanted to sink into all of it right along with him, but then I remembered the one thing in our family that lifts spirits and moves mountains of bad moods into laughter and smiles.”

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The Bare Necessities of Potty Training during Quarantine

And you thought potty training under normal circumstances was hard?

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Why It’s Ok to Not Be in Control

“Life is rarely convenient or perfect. And it’s OK. Our best decisions aren’t always going to be the best for others. And it’s OK. “

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Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe

Disney+ Releases Official Trailer for New Phineas and Ferb Movie

The film will premiere at the end of the month.

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Nikki Bella and Fiancé Artem Chigvintsev Welcome Their First Child

Bella gave birth one day before her twin sister.

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Phineas and Ferb

“Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against The Universe” to Premiere Exclusively on Disney+

The soundtrack, from Walt Disney Records, will be available the same day.

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PBS Kids Newest Read-Along Features the Bush Sisters

The duo will share the book, “Sisters First.”

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