San Francisco’s Coolest New Art Exhibit Puts You in the Painting

Immersive art is all the rage these days at the Asian Art Museum’s TeamLab and Oceanworks exhibits.

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Santa Cam

Yankee Candle Gives Us Peek into Santa’s Workshop This Year

Access to Santa’s virtual office is available this holiday season, around the clock, now through Dec. 24.

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The Best Artist Supplies for Kids

iHeartArt sets, paints and markers

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The Story Pirates Release an Album Based on Kids’ Story Ideas

“Cats Sit On You” is available from all music outlets today.

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11-Year-Old Identical Twins Create Sleek New Writing Utensil

The name SOZY literally reflects each of the twins’ names, Sophie and Izzy.

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Etch A Sketch Classic

Celebrate 60 Years of Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch will be 60% off at Walmart on Jul. 12.

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Tickle Your Funny Bone: 20 Jokes for Bay Area Kids

Get ready for some roll-on-the-floor belly laughs!

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Etch A Sketch

These Etch A Sketch Mashups Are Amazing & We Want Them All

The classic toy brand is teaming up with other iconic names to bring us the ultimate drawing toy.

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Weber Family

Exhausted Dad Comes Up with Genius Parenting Hack

Exhausted dad comes up with a genius way to keep his kids occupied long enough for him to rest his eyes for a few minutes. 

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The World’s Simplest Pumpkin Craft

Today is Pumpkin Day but that doesn’t mean you have to carve one. Try this incredibly easy afternoon craft with the kiddos today.

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Does All That Mental Clutter Bring You Joy? How to KonMari Your Mind

Photo: Aiony Haust via Unsplash
Everywhere I turn these days, someone is talking about Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The first time this happened was in 2014 when Marie Kondo’s infamous book hit shelves and the Minimalist podcast captured the…

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The First & Newest Gerber Babies Meet Up for Adorably Sweet Photo

Gerber Babies Lucas Warren and Ann Turner met up to snap the world’s cutest photo.

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How to Throw an Unforgettable Baby Shower

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Very soon a new member is going to be an integral part of your life. Though you are blissfully waiting for the moment to become a happy parent, this moment itself is no less than…

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Game On! The Chicago Toy & Game Fair

Between the yo-yo competition, roaming Star Wars characters and hundreds of toys to try, you can happily play the day away. Get the inside scoop here.

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For Mini-Monets: Second Sundays at Cantor Arts Center

If you’ve got a mini-Monet dabbling in art all over the house, bring that budding artist to The Cantor Arts Center for the rebooted Second Sundays for families!

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Puppet Town: Sketch Comedy Meets Puppets

Move over Elmo. There’s some other puppets taking over the town: Puppet Town.

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Get Your (Free!) Game On at Nintendo NY

A store! A mini museum! A place to play Mario games at no cost on a 15-foot screen!

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Clipster News: 8 Cool Hacks for Paper & Binder Clips

Office boredom has given way to some genius ideas over the years. Here are 8 ways to use binder or paper clips you’ve never thought of.

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Kinda Sketchy: Fun Facts About Famous Doodlers

Grab your sketchpad and pencil because once you read about these three famous doodlers, you’ll be inspired to create some masterpieces all your own. Or at least doodle. Read on for the scoop.
photo: Stravinsky by Picasso via Wikimedia Commons…

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Just Opened: Target Wonderland in the Meatpacking District

Head to this fun, festive (and free!) seasonal playground and retail experience before the snow flies!

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Today Is Doodle Day

Today Is Doodle Day

Draw a line somewhere.


Did you know Picasso began attending formal art school at the age of 10? Click here to get the scoop on young Pablo and other famous doodlers.


If you’ve ever…

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How to Have Grown Up Fun Despite a Little Third Wheel

We have ideas for every (kid) age that will allow you to gab, get a drink or simply share some quality QT with your best gal pal while your small fry stays occupied.

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Doing the New Whitney Museum With Kids

The art institution moved downtown and just opened its doors. Here’s what it’s got in store for families — now and on ongoing.

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Who is More #ThomasObsessed?

Watch this hilarious sketch where Neil Patrick Harris proves his #ThomasObsessed status in a room full of young Tankies.

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Take a Trip Across the Golden State at the Oakland Museum of California

If you’re looking for a place to take the kids that is more field day than field trip, the OMCA will not disappoint. Read on for tips on taking an interactive trip across California at OMCA.

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Petite Picassos: A Georgetown Art Studio Inspired by the Greats

What tiny artists-in-residence need is a bit of guidance and a canvas (that’s not your white walls!). Enter Anna Banana (aka Anne Freeman) and her cute little Georgetown art studio for kids.

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