Sleep Health Is Maternal Health: Why Better Sleep Habits Matter

“You don’t have to hold your exhaustion up as proof of your parenthood or accept sleepless nights. You and your baby deserve a better night’s sleep.”

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Somewhere in the Middle of Hope

“Hope is the air we breathe during survival mode.”

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Finding Gratitude Isn’t Easy

“If not for these struggles, the hard, or the difficult, the good, the gains, and the friendships would likely have never shone through so brightly.”

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NOVA and PBS Digital Studios Premiere YouTube Series “Parentalogic”

The series approaches the challenges of raising children with scientific research and humor.

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Why Every ‘Now’ Moment Matters in Motherhood

In October 2005, my middle son was born. In 2018, he graduated from college.
Today, I’m trying to figure out how time works.

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Eons ago I had three kids in three and a half years. Life was…

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Capture Baby’s First Year in 13 Funny & Sweet Hashtags

While you’re taking millions of photos of your baby, be sure to snap and share these 13 must-save moments. #majormilestones #adorablememories #grandmaisgonnalovethis

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Gabrielle Union Gets Candid About What Parenthood Is Really Like

All moms can relate to this new mom’s experience.

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How to Deal With Post-Baby Visitors

Knock, knock. Learn about the different kinds of postpartum visitors and how to deal with them.

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Joanna Gaines’ Quotes about Being a New Mom After 8 Years Are Inspiring

Joanna Gaines gets candid about embracing “new” motherhood after eight long years.

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How a Solo Trip with my Toddler Taught Me to Embrace the Unexpected

Make a memory with your little one that you can both cherish for the rest of your lives.

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This Robotic Bassinet Has Sparked a Massive Debate Among Parents

Not everyone agrees on the benefits of a robotic baby-rocker.

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Hilarious Memes That Sum Up Pregnancy

These hilarious pregnancy memes are spot-on.

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Scientists Just Discovered This Cure for Colic (Maybe)

This new finding could give both babies and parents relief.

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How to Build Your Awesome Dream House—with Your Kids in Mind

Building a home is an exciting experience. Building the house of your dreams is a project you only want to do once. You need to make sure you have all the features that you want and need in this…

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From 0 to 1: My Experience as a First Time Mom

My baby turns 1 in just a few short day! Time has literally flown, as it seems now. To be honest, there were days when I just couldn’t wait for the minutes to creep by. Boy oh boy, what an…

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You Need to Check out #GotToddlered Right Now

No matter how much you promise yourself that things aren’t going to change after having kids, they do—and this blogger is here to prove it.

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woman coffee

Don’t Drink Coffee With Your Donuts: Here’s Why

Researchers recently studied the effects of sugar and caffeine and found some interesting results.

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When Even Wonder Woman Has Rough Nights With the Kids

Gal Gadot might be Wonder Woman, but she’s also a mom and her latest Instagram post shows she’s just like us.

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The Secret’s out on The 5th Avenue’s Latest Family Production

Whether you loved The Secret Garden as a kid or you simply want a magical night at the theater with your kidlet, The 5th Avenue’s latest production of the Frances Hodgson Burnett classic won’t disappoint. Here’s why.

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Dear Couch, I Can Explain…

Dear Couch, You probably overheard me talking about you when the company was over this past week. I didn’t mean it really. Okay, I did. But we don’t actually have any concrete plans to get rid of you. I was having a…

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I Miss My Life Before I Was a Mom…Do You?

I love how I live in a part of the world where we get four seasons. I love when I wake up early and step outside and the crisp air washes over my face. The dew on the grass is…

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Life Happens in Between Plans

Photo: Christina Fletcher
So here’s the thing. I was writing a little post… um ok, a rather long post… on sensitive children and tapping into their deeper essence, while offering tools for awareness to them… and then my computer had…

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Oh Baby, Let’s Think It Over!

My 17-year-old daughter has a class at school this year called Early Lifespan Development. She has a wonderful teacher who has taught her so many things about “real life.” But one of the lessons recently made my daughter think it…

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A Delicate Balance

Photo: Self
I have always said that life with three kids is a delicate balance, easily upset by even the smallest of changes, such as illness, bad weather, or a sleepless night. Things can go from peaceful to utterly chaotic in…

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To The Child Who Will Not Sleep

Photo: Pixabay
To the child who will not sleep,
In the black stillness of midnight,
You are still awake even though I have long turned out the light,
I say to you like I do every night, “Please, honey, please…

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Could Allergies be the Root of Your Baby’s Eczema?

Photo: Lychele McMillan
As I scroll through my Instagram feed, I often see beautiful photos of my friends’ yummy babies. There’s something about chubby, rosy cheeks that melts even the coolest of people. These photos also remind me that I…

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Throwing Up Kindergarten

Photo: Dat Nguyen
Like a lot of moms of young children, I live in a perpetual bubble of denial. I was in denial when my best friend finally admitted my infant son wasn’t the most handsome, charming baby she’d ever…

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The Chillest Places in the DMV (That Kids Love, Too)

Whether you’re into sports or spa days, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite places in the DMV for families to chillax.

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To Be or Not to Be…a Family of Five

Read one mom’s experience about expanding her family. Can you relate?

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