I Survived Four Days without the Internet and You Can You, Too

“Hey! Check out this cottage we’re going to in August! Do you guys think you can come meet us for a few days?”

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That was the Facebook message we received from our friends. One family…

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Win a Trip to Vegas for You + 3 Girlfriends (Airfare, Hotel and More)

They say What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. Want to win a trip to Vegas for you and three of your best friends? We partnered with Love With Food for a Besties Getaway sweepstakes. You definitely deserve a little…

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Having Baby #3, 12 Years Later

Back when I was basically a child (even though I thought I was SUPER mature, right?), I had two children. I happily welcomed them into the world, but to be honest 12 years later I only have bits of memories…

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Parent’s Little Helpers: Underrated Kitchen Appliances that Help Modern Parents

Photo: pixabay
Time management is essential for every mom. However, with so many things to attend to, it can be really difficult to keep track of things at home. This is why moms need all the help they can get…

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Need to Track Your Kids While They’re Trick or Treating on Halloween? There’s an App For That!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
For many children in America, Halloween is a staple of the childhood experience. There’s nothing quite like running from house to house dressed as a favorite monster or superhero and getting candy for it, and the day…

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Free National Park Visits for All Fourth Graders!

Oh, the perks of fourth grade. Thanks to this awesome program, admission is covered, so the only challenge is where to go. Check out our list of nearby national parks that you need to visit this year.

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6 Free Apps to Celebrate Lost Teeth

Here are six apps that will help you celebrate the loss of a tooth.

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10 Must Have Apps for LA Parents

Most moms today have their smart phones glued to the palm of their hand. Its uses range from texting (darling hubby:  please pick up pizza for dinner, stat) to game playing (level 70 of Candy Crush is crazy). But while…

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Shhhh…Secret Tech Tools of Streamlined Moms

Whether you’re addicted to sticking reminders on the bathroom mirror or scribbling errands on a chalkboard, we all have systems for organizing family life. Thanks to smart phones and tablets, it’s easy to keep to-do lists, photos, and social media…

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