Sports donuts

Krispy Kreme Celebrates Sports with Limited Edition Sports Dozen

Customers can receive the offer at participating shops via carryout or drive-thru. 

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Raising Compassionate Kids During the 2016 Elections

Photo: Global Munchkins
In a land founded by oppression you would think compassion would be in our blood. Yet, if you tune in to any of the election talk this year you will see that, sadly this is NOT the case.…

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60+ Random Things in My Mom Taxi

Photo: lorrin sell | photographer of wild things
Those that know me, in real-life, have most likely walked up to my mom van, and been told to walk away, or close their eyes.  While my house isn’t spotless, it’s pretty…

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The Morning Sprint

Photo: Leila Sinclaire
We moved back to Berkeley, California from Brooklyn, New York because we wanted to start a family. It was a long, hot drive across the country with our furniture and our dog. Gas prices had skyrocketed. Every…

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A Ginormous LEGO Convention Is Coming to Town! Here’s the Scoop.

Ever imagine you’d see 30 million LEGOs in one room? It’s true. Find out all about Brickworld here.

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Fair Trade Sporting Equipment for Seattle Kids

Kick it Up a Notch

Chances are your little one will be attending a soccer camp or at least kicking a ball outside with the neighbor kids this summer. If you’re in the market for a new soccer ball, check…

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Stanford’s Kid-Friendly Cool Café

Food with a View…of Your Kids

With the weather warming at last, dining alfresco is more and more appealing.  Still, even restaurants with outdoor seating can be challenging with children.  It can seem unfair to make children sit still outdoors…

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