Back to School, Back to Sports! How to Keep Your Kids Safe This Season

We caught up with the Medical Director and an Orthopedic Surgeon at American Hip Institute (AHI) for tips on how to keep your kids safe this sports season, and what to do if you’re concerned they may have an injury.

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Is Interfering in Your Kids’ Best Interest? It Depends

At the end of the day, I’ll do anything it takes to keep my kids safe.

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20 Things to Buy at Target This Month

Trust us, you’re going to want every item on this list and more.

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What to Say When Your Child Realizes They Aren’t—or Can’t Be—the Best

Let us be honest: from the time our children are born, they are basically told to think everything they do is wonderful, from that scribble we agree looks like an airplane (even though it could be a dog or a…

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Go On, Get Appy! 10 Awesome Apps for Atlanta Parents

Navigating Atlanta as a parent can be tricky. Read on for ten apps that make bring up baby in this urban jungle a bit easier.

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What You’re Missing by Not Being a D.C. United Soccer Fan

Don’t know much about soccer? Not a problem! It’s easy to follow (ball in net = goal), and the game is only part of the experience.

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