These Dads Doing Their Daughter’s Hair Are Too Cute for Words

There’s no reason why dads can’t experience the joys of whipping up a spectacular ‘do instead of regrettable hair don’ts.

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10 Unique Baby Shower Games Your Friends Will Love

From crafting blocks to matching socks, these are games that won’t make guests cringe.

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Babyproofing Hacks: 14 DIY Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Make your home safer without spending the big bucks with these easy, cheap ways to babyproof your home.

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7 Ways to Build a Snowman…Inside!

Do you want to build a snowman?

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Feed Your Kids’ Need for Speed

Remember the days when mom or dad would let you sit on their lap and help them drive the car into the garage? Sure you were only driving 5mph, but it was still pretty awesome. If you’ve got a little…

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Teddy & Bear Socks

Shawn Johnson East & Andrew East Introduce Teddy & Bear

Each set includes eight adorable new friends to invite into your home.

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Old Navy’s Black Friday Sale Is Coming & Hello, $1 Cozy Socks

A week’s worth of sales are coming your way.

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Bombas Sesame Street

Bombas New Sesame Street Line Is Cute & Comfy

Every pair of these socks purchased leads to a pair of socks directly benefiting homeless families in need.

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Take a Spin! Ice Skating Rinks that Will Keep the Fun Outdoors

Did you know you can figure 8 with a skyline view? We dish on all the cool places to go gliding this winter.

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Top 5 Picks for Baby Safety Month

A child’s safety is important all year round but take some extra time this month to make sure you have all the essential products you need to keep your little safe from harm.

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Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

Get creative this Halloween with these clever costumes for babies and toddlers, many of which you can make yourself.

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Crafting with Nickelodeon: DIY Bozzly Fuzzly

Sometimes all a little one needs is something snuggly and soft, like an Abby Hatcher Fuzzly friend! Create your own Fuzzly inspired by Nickelodeon’s Bozzly. Tune in Weekdays on Nickelodeon for more Abby Hatcher.

Required Supplies

Colorful Sock

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disney advent sock calendar

12 Days of Disney Socks Is the Advent Calendar You Never Knew You Needed

Your feet have never been so excited—or looked so stylish—for the holidays!

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Tweets of the week- 4.6.18

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week

We guarantee they’ll give you a laugh.

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MIT Reveals 2017’s Best Baby Gadgets Were Designed by First-Time Parents

It takes a parent to know what a parent really needs.

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Halloween is Not Crazy Sock Day and Other Lessons I’ve Learned as a Teacher

There are very few things in life that get me as excited as autumn. I love the fall season and everything that comes along with it. I’ll gladly put away the shorts and the tank tops as long as I…

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The Funniest Stall Tactics Kids Have Ever Used to Avoid Bedtime

Think your kids have the perfect excuse to avoid going to bed? Check out these clever tactics.

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Which Baby Sleep Monitor Is Right for You?

Ever wondered if a sleep monitor would help your baby, and you, sleep better? We tell you everything you need to know about 7 top models.

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When Life Gets Hard I Cherish the Simple Moments

Although my life is generally sweet, in 2010 fate had handed us a lot of bitter. That summer, we were being sued over a little French Bulldog we had adopted (long story), we were in a financial crisis, our septic…

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The Most Ingenious Ways Kids Have Gotten In Trouble

Parents reveal some of the hilariously clever things their kids have done to get in trouble.

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This Hilarious Moana Parody Is for Everyone with a Messy Family

This hilarious video goes out to all the moms with mess-making families.

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Household Mysteries Parents Know All Too Well

Photo: Hope Wilbanks
There’s nothing better than a good “whodunit” story. The thrill of following a sometimes goofy, yet articulate detective’s steps until she ultimately rationalizes all of the clues and finally points a well-manicured finger at the perpetrator nobody…

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Why a Toddler is Your Must-Have Pregnancy Wingman

Photo: Lauren Wellbank
Being pregnant is a wonderful, amazing, miracle of an experience. You get to create this life inside of you, and then feel it grow and develop. Eventually you baby grows to become a tiny person that you will grow…

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10 Things I Get Excited About Now That I’m A Parent

Now that you’re a parent your life is jam packed with exciting adventures at every turn. Who knew life with kids would be so liberating and free! One minute you’re the super mom at the PTA meeting and the next…

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My 5-Point Strategy To Deal With Kid’s Boredom

Photo: Surabhi Surendra
‘Mumma, I am bored. What should I do?’
The first time my pre-schooler uttered the word boring, I assumed she found the word fancy enough to use it and that she might have learnt it in her…

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And when exactly do you want me to play with my kid?!

Face it: as moms, we feel the pressure of doing it all. Whether or not we work outside the home, we still try to pour 36 hours worth of responsibilities into a 24 hour day. And now we have to…

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Sock Treasures

Bedtime at our house is filled with typical five year old antics–stalling, more time in the bathtub negotiations, tooth brushing, water drinking and the ritual of choosing the toy of honor that gets to share the bed for the night.…

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Today Is National Lost Sock Day



Today Is National Lost Sock Day

One is the loneliest number.


Keep it together: we may have found a cure to the missing sock situation in your home.


Since you’ve likely got a few singles to…

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Get a Pair! Hacks to Keep Your Socks Together

We came up with five handy hacks to keep your sock pairs together.

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Let The Kids Go Bananas for The Year of The Monkey

Here are 7 fun ways to monkey around the house for Chinese New Year— or any other day!

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Shoe Me the Way: 3 Cool Ways to Upcycle Old Shoes

Three ways to upcycle your outgrown or lonesome ol’ shoes.

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Baby reading a book

10 Games to Encourage Baby’s First Words

Ever wish your baby could tell what he needs? Get him talking with these fun language games.

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