These Popular Seattle Summer Camps Still Have Spots

Need a last-minute summer plan? These fantastic camps still have spots!

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remote work

Looking for a Remote Career? These Are the Top Skills You’ll Need

FlexJobs and PAIRIN pinpoints the soft skills you need for success.

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Curious about Montessori Education? Start Here

“Montessori children are very resourceful and love to find ways to solve problems. And famously, the Google founders went to a Montessori school and credit part of their success to this ability to think for themselves.”

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How Coding Teaches Kids Computational Thinking Skills

Is coding the key to your child’s future?

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Re-Entering the Workforce After Kids? Here’s How Moms Can Tackle Their Fears

“We asked six women for their best advice on breaking down barriers and jumping back in.”

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How to Raise a Kid Who Loves to Learn

“Look! When I mix these paints, I get a whole new color!” Hearing your kids get excited about learning feels like glitter bombs exploding in your heart. And it’s confirmation that school and report cards are really only one sign…

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19 Ways to Turn Your Phone Into a Teaching Tool for Your Preschooler

The best tips for turning phones into teaching tools, from our friends at Common Sense Media.

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Pinkies Up!: New Etiquette Class for Kids at The Plaza

Manners matter! (And it doesn’t hurt to know which fork to use.)

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Wondering If That App Is OK for Your Preschooler? Here Are 7 Ways to Find Out

Photo: Common Sense Media
By Christine Elgersma, Common Sense Media

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When you want to buy a book for your kid, you might get a recommendation, flip through it, or look up the author online.…

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