Virtual Running Club

Sign Up for a Race with the Virtual Running Club

A portion of the registration fee goes to charity.

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16 Creative Card Ideas to Copy This Year

Whether silly, sweet, or super-heroic, check out these fun ways to capture the season.

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The Solar Eclipse Is Over. Now You Can Donate Your Glasses!

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 has come and gone. You spent hours scouring the Internet for those special “eclipse glasses,” and when you finally found them, you totally rejoiced in the fact that your kiddo would now be able…

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My Recipe for an Edible Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse. It’s a big deal, right?

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Everyone and their grandmother is ready. They have their NASA approved viewing glasses, schools are prepared to watch the event on television, and after the day is…

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eclipse 2017

This District Is Starting Late Because of the Eclipse – What Do You Think?

Instead of a snow day, some schools are taking a solar eclipse day.

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Amazon Offers Refund on Possibly Dangerous Eclipse Glasses

If you bought a pair of eclipse viewing glasses from Amazon, you need to read this!

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10 Things to Do Before Summer Is Over

Before you say bon voyage to summer make sure you check out our list of last hurrahs.

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12 Reasons Why New Moms Need Friends

We heart our friends! Here’s a tribute to the folks who loved us pre-baby and have saved our sanity since we became a mom.

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Experience an Eclipse Almost 40 Years in the Making

Mark your calendars — August 21 — the Moon is throwing shade at the Sun and you’re invited to watch it all go down.

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It’s a Total Eclipse of the Sun: Where to See It in LA

Whatever you do – don’t look directly at the sun! Find out where and how you can safely see (and learn about) the eclipse in LA with your kids.

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Solar Spectacular: How & Where To Watch the August 21 Eclipse

It only happens once every few decades, so don’t blow it! (Lots of places are ready to help you.)

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Spotlight on the Sun: Get Geared Up for the August 21 Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse will be passing over the U.S. on Monday, Aug. 21, and it is the perfect opportunity to get the kids excited about science. We’ve rounded up the programs happening at local libraries and science centers to safely participate in the big day.

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Catch the Eclipse at These Great Spots!

Don’t miss the eclipse. Grab the kids and head to one of these perfect viewing spots in and around town.

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How You Can Win Two Seats On Alaska Airlines’ Solar Eclipse Flight

If you want the chance to view this spectacular sight from the air, bookmark this!

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