5 Tips for Taking Family Trips Safely amid the Pandemic

In addition to following local and national health guidelines, check out these savvy, COVID-based travel tips before you start your next family vacation.

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Dear Daughters, I Saw Your Struggles This School Year

“This school year was rough. There have been no laughter-filled cafeterias, crowded hallways, trips to the school library, or bumpy field trip bus rides.”

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In Search of Alone Time

“In an attempt to find some alone time, I realized that I am blessed to never feel alone, even when one set of footprints, my own, trails behind in the snow.”

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Inclusion Is Everything

“​​​​​​​I won’t stop fighting for my son, and all others like him, to be included. To be valued.”

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10 Things You Can Do to Help an Introverted Child Thrive

Got a kid who needs a little help speaking up for themselves or taking on awkward social situations? We’ve got tips and tricks here from moms and experts who’ve lived it.

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We Don’t Need A Break, We Need Eachother

Photo: shutterstock
“Do you even love me?”
As soon as the words left my lips I wanted to take them back. What if he said no? Why would I ask a question when I clearly wasn’t ready to hear the…

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Dear Kids, I Love You… But Mommy Needs Her Alone Time

Dearest Children,
My sweet darlings, momma will always be here for you.  Come to me with anything: your needs, your fears, your worries, your victories.  I love you and I live and breathe for you.  For you my offspring my…

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I Had a Whole Weekend Alone. It Wasn’t Pretty.

Photo: Pixabay
My husband took my kids away for the weekend to see the University of Tennessee play Florida in football. Apparently this is a big deal, and the trip was planned six months in advance. So for six months…

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Coming Out of Isolation: Raising a Child With Special Needs

Photo: Pixabay
Looking back, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when THE moment was. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention and I missed it. Maybe it was gradual. Maybe it was slowly sneaking up on me without a warning, making its transition mimic any other…

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An Introvert Mom Raises an Extrovert Kid

Can you relate to this mom’s experience?

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My Daughter Gives Me An Excuse To Be Introverted

Photo: Jennifer Picard
As a writer, I’ve always had very introverted tendencies and felt compelled to go beyond what I was comfortable with in order to fit in. When I first moved to Kauai a few years ago, I lived…

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Do you hear that?

I remember very distinctly back to the days when, upon getting into my car, no sooner did my door close, my hand was already on the volume button turning up whatever song happen to be a favorite at the time. The…

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Happy Mom Tip #28: Spend Some Time Alone

This week’s tip: Spend Some Time Alone
A Harvard study indicates that a bit of solitude can make us more capable of empathy
towards others. Empathy is one of the foundations of happiness, in part because the social connections empathy…

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