Dear Moms, Nannies Feel What You Feel

“The work-from-home experience of the pandemic has provided the opportunity for me and my parent bosses to have our team-building montage much sooner and more quickly than a pre-pandemic experience. But the question is, once things are “back to normal,” how do parents and caregivers continue to connect in this way?”

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Celebrate Snape’s Birthday by Reading All the Harry Potter Books for Free

Access ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines from your library using your phone or tablet.

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Shop Here: 6 Independent Toy Stores That Boston Parents Love

Get the inside scoop on all the best toys from these toy stores in your neighborhood.

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Harry Potter

Go Back to Hogwarts with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Fans can join in on the celebration from their homes.

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The New Harry Potter Collection from H&M Kidswear Dropped & We Are Witching for Them All

From baby to big kids, this new collection is ready for first day photos everywhere.

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A Visit to the World’s Largest Starbucks. . . with Kids

You’ve heard the buzz. . . Chicago is now home to the world’s largest Starbucks. Plan a coffee-inspired family date at the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of coffee.

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Mini Boden Just Released a Harry Potter Collection & It’s Pure Magic

You’re going to want to conjure up this entire collection.

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What My 8-Year-Old Taught Me about Feelings

We all feel emotions and get hurt by the behavior of others. But this solution from my 8-year-old may just help solve and avoid hurt feelings in the future.

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This Is Legit the World’s Most Brilliant Parenting Hack

How did we not think of this genius parenting hack sooner?!

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Harry Potter Heads Back to School in with Epic “Hogwarts Mystery” Update

Get ready to cast spells and meet your new professors at Hogwarts in this epic game.

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This Talking Sorting Hat Can Finally Tell You Which Hogwarts House Is for You

Which Hogwarts House will you be sorted in at the start of the new school year?

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When Other Parents Toss Invisible Grenades at You

Parents, check yourselves for invisible grenades.
As the mom of a child with dyslexia, I find myself dodging thoughtless, verbal grenades from people who don’t have a clue.
My son is as bright and hardworking as they come. But he…

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How This Type-A Mom Embraces Spontaneity

I wasn’t always this way. When I was younger, I could be spontaneous on a dime. I was always up for an adventure and rarely turned down an impromptu chance to make a memory. In college, a group of friends…

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Expert Home Organizing Tips From a Local Pro

We’ve got the scoop on the hard-pressing questions parents have about decluttering and organizing all of your family’s stuff!

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The Trailer for “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” Is Pure Magic & We Can’t Wait

The world of Harry Potter is back—with you at the center of the story!

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Oldschool Toys from Your ’90s Childhood

We’ve got the definitive list that confirms playtime was way better back in your day.

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Halloween Jack Saves The Day

“Mom, no one else in my class has Halloween Jack come to their house. Why does he come here?” The usual conversation had started again. My daughter and I had been having the same discussion year over year. “Halloween Jack…

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A Social Taboo: Why Everyone Needs to Flip the Script About Money

My grandpa once told me there are three things you don’t talk about with people: religion, politics, and money.  It is one of those topics that makes people feel uncomfortable.  Recently I am on my own abundance journey. It is…

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Successful Toddler Party, ish.

Hosting a toddlers birthday party should be a breeze right?
Cake, toys, music, beige party food and bubbles – done *drops mic, walks back to the land where awesome parents exist*

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Now factor in one…

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This is What It’s Like to Go to Hogwarts

This teacher transformed her classroom into the novel “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

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Club MomMe

What Moms and Dads Really Want: Indulgences Only a Parent Would Appreciate

If martinis and dancing sound, well, exhausting, here are 10 ways to unwind that only a parent would appreciate.

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From Quidditch to Cauldrons: An Insider’s Guide to Whimsic Alley

The wizarding world’s boy wonder turned 32 this summer and fans filed past the shops of Diagon Alley to raise mugs of butter beer, saluting the heroic character, in Hogwarts’ Great Hall.  Tucked away on a bustling stretch of Wilshire…

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GiggleDeals Launches!

Is this shirt durable? What type of bath toy is appropriate? Does this piece of furniture meet safety standards? All of these questions (and many more) run rampant through the heads of moms and dads everyday. Luckily, Giggle makes your…

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