5 Tips for Supporting Your Child This Back-to-School Season

It’s no wonder that one of the biggest indicators of children’s success in school is parental attitude toward school. Here’s how you can help.

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5 Screen-Free Ways for Kids to Practice Spanish

Like many families, we are an English-speaking household trying to incorporate a second language (for us, Spanish) into our lives. Here are 5 actionable things I could do at home that take little-to-no-effort but have big effects!

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7 Reasons to Travel with Kids, No Matter How Young They Are

Travel fosters independence and so much more!

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How to Support a Mama Grieving Her Miscarriage

Photo: Briana Tozour via Unsplash
Authors’s Note: The following article is about miscarriage. Currently, many who suffer miscarriages suffer alone and those who do share their stories often aren’t met with the support they need. This is a PSA as…

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How to Help Your Kids Process the Attacks on the AAPI Community

“Life is hard as it is…the color of our skin shouldn’t be one of the aspects making it harder. After all, we are a country of immigrants.”

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Whether We Want to Believe or Not, Words Have Power

“The way we talk to people isn’t a reflection of them as much as it is a reflection of ourselves. The way we talk to and about our children becomes their inner voice.”

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5 Things Every Special Needs Parent Should Hear

“Here are some gems of advice that I have received from others who have walked this path alongside me, before me, and some of my own.”

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How I Explain Racism to My White Friends (So They Can Explain It to Their Kids)

Once we know our history (because, news flash, Black history is everyone’s history) and we can comprehend the complexities of injustice, then we can openly and honestly communicate it to our kids. 

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Mean or Bullying Behavior? Helping Kids Understand the Difference

“While context is important to understand meanness versus bullying, both behaviors are not okay and can be painful for kids as well as parents. Here’s how parents can respond to best support their kids.”

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Celebrate “The Lorax’s” 50th Bday with One of These New Children’s Books

These new books are based on the eco-friendly and iconic Lorax.

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When They Only Want Mommy: A How-To Guide to Reclaiming Your Space

If you want your partner to share the love AND have your kids running to both of you (rather than mommy! mommy! mommy! all of the time), try these three steps.

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Why Sharing Your True Motherhood Story Really Matters

“In a world inundated with picture-perfect posts, matching outfits, and gushing gratitude…those women who experience life and motherhood differently can feel like something is wrong with them.”

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Top 10 Reasons Moms Don’t Sleep on Long Haul Flights

Think that flight is going to be a chance to relax? Think again. Here’s why Moms can’t catch a break, even on long haul flights.

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Here’s What Learning a Second Language Will Do to Your Kids (According to Science)

Being bilingual has a big impact on your kids academic future.

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Will You Cast the Stone That Will Creates the Ripple of Change?

“When are people going to start speaking up when they see someone that is different treated less?”

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5 Tips for Moms Dealing with Divorce

“If you’re in the throes of divorce, it may be difficult—if not impossible—to see a silver lining in such a mess. Yet, it’s important to remember that you’re doing this for your kids if nothing else. “

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5 Easy Ways to Support your Girl Scout During the Busy Cookie Season

Photo: iStock
Moms and dads, start your engines—literally. It’s just about time to load up the car and start moving those boxes of cookies that fans clamor for year after year, right around this time. 
With visions of shortbread, chocolate…

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Thinking About Adopting? Start Here

“It is essential to prepare yourself for what’s to come—doing the research and getting prepared is well worth the effort once you have a baby in your arms.”

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How to Choose a Child Care Facility When You Can’t Tour

“It’s a little unconventional, but as with many things we’ve experienced and had to pivot during the pandemic, online tours are becoming more sophisticated and seamless.”

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How to Make Bilingual Learning Fun & Natural

Interested in having your child learn another language? This mom shares her bilingual journey and how she’s getting her kids to learn Chinese.

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Can Your Child Dream in Multiple Languages?

“As a mother of a 3 year old trilingual daughter (French, English, and Slovak) I see the benefits every day.”

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6 Ways to Build & Boost Your Daughter’s Self-Confidence

“Girls seem to lose their confidence in a “perfect storm” of changes as they grow. Here are some ways you can work to build your daughter’s confidence.”

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How to Help Young Kids (& You) Navigate This Election

“No matter your political beliefs, here are 5 ways to approach the election that are supportive of young kids, and that will likely feel supportive of you, too.”

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School Shootings & the Tipping Point for Teens Who Have Had Enough

Photo: Wokandpics via Pixabay
Teen activists may hold an answer to school shootings.
I say “may” and “an answer” because each shooting is different. There’s no one reason for them.

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There is a common denominator. It’s…

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How One Mom Pursues Multilingualism at Home & You Can Too

“I so badly want my kids to be global citizens, to have the world open to them through language, and to have real friendships with people across the world. So if they take any interest in any language, I’m on it.”

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5 Reasons Dads Are So Important to Their Daughters

“Daughters need great fathers. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to overstate the importance of the father-daughter relationship.”

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Fuzzible Friends

Jazwares Announces First Plush With Alexa Technology

The new line engages your little one through interactive games, story time and more.

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When Your Child Receives An Autism Diagnosis: The Stages Might Surprise You

Photo: Stacey Lynn Wells
Life with an autistic child happens in stages. And thankfully so! If we, as their parents, had to undertake every single aspect all at once, we might not be able to shoulder the weight and escape…

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4 Ways to Empower Girls to Speak & Care About Racism

“There’s no “one way” or “right way” to talk about race, but all parents need to know this: Girls need to start having these conversations in order to become more aware of their unconscious biases, their privilege, and their own actions (or inactions).”

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Want Your Kids to Be Bilingual? Start Here

If you are interested in exposing your kids to a language, these tips will help set them on the path to learning a new language the fun way!

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Stream “Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes on You” on Disney+

The special will be hosted by Robin Roberts.

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Our Favorite Photos of the Peaceful Protests & #BLM Graffiti

Take a quick scroll to see how our favorite photos of the peaceful protests and pro-BLM graffiti that have popped up around town.

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Why I’m Proud My Kids are Protesting & Supporting Black Lives Matter

“Let’s show our kids we are proud of them for doing the right thing at the right time and to making a difference in the world one generation at a time.”

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Kindergarten Teacher Makes Video to Explain Racism to Children

She explained racism in a way young children could understand.

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