My Child Was Diagnosed with Autism. Now What?

“Helpful guidance to parents, caregivers, and any friend or family member seeking to support a family experiencing challenges that come with an autism diagnosis.”

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When Your Child Receives An Autism Diagnosis: The Stages Might Surprise You

Photo: Stacey Lynn Wells
Life with an autistic child happens in stages. And thankfully so! If we, as their parents, had to undertake every single aspect all at once, we might not be able to shoulder the weight and escape…

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How I Keep My Child with Autism Safe from Wandering

For any parents who struggle with kids that have autism and wander off, these tips may help reduce the panic you both may experience.

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Here’s How Robots—Yes, Robots—Can Help Children with Autism

The future is here—and it’s full of promising implications for kids on the spectrum.

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