Whether We Want to Believe or Not, Words Have Power

“The way we talk to people isn’t a reflection of them as much as it is a reflection of ourselves. The way we talk to and about our children becomes their inner voice.”

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What’s Up, Doc? Your Guide to Well-Baby Doctor Visits During Baby’s First Year

Find out what to bring and what to expect at your well-baby visits with your pediatrician.

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banana bread

I Started a Business for My Son with Autism during the Pandemic

A sweet, new beginning for both a mom and her son with special needs.

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10 Afterschool Activities for Kids That Need Action!

“Physical activity helps a child stay regulated (process and adjust to their environment) and promotes the maturation of their nervous system and is even associated with higher academic performance!”

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My Child Was Diagnosed with Autism. Now What?

“Helpful guidance to parents, caregivers, and any friend or family member seeking to support a family experiencing challenges that come with an autism diagnosis.”

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I Have a Child with Special Needs But Sometimes, His Siblings Need Me More

Confession: I am not an expert on all things parenting—yet I am proud in my imperfections. My world forever changed in 2005 when, at the age of 18, I gave birth of my firstborn son. Fast-forward to now and I’m…

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Giddy Up! The Best Places to Horse Around in the DMV

Let your junior jockey horse around with an equine friend at these stables in and around the DMV.

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Reclaiming the Joy of Childhood as an Adult

Here’s how I managed to do it.

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Alexa, The Best Child Care You Never Knew You Had

From bedtime routines to keeping household supplies stocked to giving free speech therapy, Alexa can help make parenting a little easier.

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How to Teach Our Girls Why Self-Worth Is So Important

At just 3 and a half, my daughter is already acutely aware of what other people think of her.

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Just Opened: A New Theraplay NYC Sensory Gym

Queens welcomes fresh space for development, open play, classes and more!

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19 Amazing Things to Do with Kids on the Spectrum

Check out these incredible LA outings and organizations for kids on the spectrum.

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Coming Out of Isolation: Raising a Child With Special Needs

Photo: Pixabay
Looking back, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when THE moment was. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention and I missed it. Maybe it was gradual. Maybe it was slowly sneaking up on me without a warning, making its transition mimic any other…

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So Many Places To Play: 5 New Indoor Play Spaces in the Bay

We take you inside five new air-conditioned indoor play spaces climb, slide and jump while escaping the heat for a few hours. Check out the coolest places to play this summer!

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Throwing Up Kindergarten

Photo: Dat Nguyen
Like a lot of moms of young children, I live in a perpetual bubble of denial. I was in denial when my best friend finally admitted my infant son wasn’t the most handsome, charming baby she’d ever…

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