Ditch the Campout & CampIn with Great Wolf Lodge This Summer

All 18 locations will bring the outdoors in this summer.

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91 Fascinating Facts About Animals

The zoo might be closed but you can still learn about some of our favorite animals!

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Flora & Ulysses

Disney+ Releases Trailer for “Flora & Ulysses”

Superheroes may appear when we least expect it.

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Finding Gratitude Isn’t Easy

“If not for these struggles, the hard, or the difficult, the good, the gains, and the friendships would likely have never shone through so brightly.”

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17 Hilarious Jokes About Portland

Make your kids smile with these jokes about our beautiful Puddle Town.

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kids jokes fun humor girl laughing jokes for kids puns one liners for kids

Knock-Knock: 11 Jokes Atlanta Kids Will Totally Get

These jokes will get the giggles out of your Atlanta kids!

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boy laughing funny kids fun jokes for kids puns happy

16 Punny Jokes & One-Liners for DC Kids

Catch a case of the giggles with these punny jokes and one-liners inspired by all things DC.

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Where to Get Free & Really Cheap Pizza on National Pizza Day (Feb. 9)

Crust us, you’re going to love these National Pizza Day deals.

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Netflix Is Turning Paul McCartney’s Kids Book Into an Animated Movie

Fans can soon have an adventure “High in the Clouds.”

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6 Must-Follow Christmas Tree Safety Tips

These Christmas tree tips will help ensure your holiday is not only a beautiful one but a safe one as well.

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Grammy-Nominated Kids’ Albums to Add to Your Playlist

For when you just can’t listen to “How Far I’ll Go” or “Shake It Off” one more time.

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6 Superhero Kids’ Shows Where Girls Save the Day

These kids’ shows are about about the she-ros.

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3 New Kids Books That Should Be on Your Radar

We uncovered three great books just hitting shelves that both you and your little readers will love.

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Disney Jumps on the Cute Collectible Blind Bag Trend with New Toy Line

Disney’s newest collectible toy line may be tiny, but it’s full of surprises and fun.

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Disney’s New “Marvel Rising” Is for Every Girl Fan Who Wants to be a Superhero

“Marvel Rising” is Disney’s new girl power superhero addition.

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How to Handle a Million Little “Whys” without Losing Your Mind

Why? Why? WHY? It’s enough to drive even the best mama a little batty.

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New Guide to San Diego’s Mammals Will Be a Huge Hit With Animal Lovers

Thanks to tips from our friends at the San Diego Natural History Museum, we’ve got the top kid-friendly spots for local mammal sightings.

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You Won’t Believe What This Mom Found in Her Son’s Backpack!

Kids have big imaginations, and this Oklahoma mom recently got the surprise of her life.

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Fall-tastic Outings for Toddlers

These autumn-worthy adventures will keep you and your toddler busy until winter.

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Pottery Barn’s Halloween Costumes Are Out and Totally Adorable

If you’re going for the cuteness factor this Halloween, you gotta check out Pottery Barn Kids’ latest line of Halloween costumes.

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5 Super Simple Paper Bag Crafts to Bust Out Today

It is National Paper Bag Day and we’ve found a few crafty ideas that go beyond just putting a bag on your head. But that’s funny too.

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12 Of The Most Embarrassingly Honest Things Kids Have Said

Some of the most cringe-worthy, honest things kids have said.

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The Newest Show from OCT

Oregon Children’s Theatre presents the world premiere of Flora & Ulysses, based on the bestselling book by Kate DiCamillo! What could a hairless, poetry-writing squirrel and a cynical 10-year-old girl possibly have in common? A lot more than you’d think!…

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6 Great Plays & Shows to Feed Their Imagination

Portland is brimming with live shows and plays that kids of all ages (and their adults!) will enjoy. Check out your upcoming options for 2017!

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Today Is #WoodlandCreatures Day


Today Is #WoodlandCreatures Day

Please bear with us.


Feed your critters darling snacks inspired by our forest friends.


Don’t forget the winter birds with DIY feeders the kids can make.


Make furniture fit for a mouse…

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Historic Banning Mill: Atlanta’s Most Thrilling Outdoor Attraction

Looking for a little nearby excitement? Zip on over to Historic Banning Mills!

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Hilarious Squirrel Videos That’ll Make You Go Nuts

They aren’t just cute – they’re hilarious! Check out this compilation of the funniest squirrel videos ever.

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Primate Primer: 3 Monkeys We’re Wild About

Since it’s Monkey Day we couldn’t resist telling you about our favorite monkeys. Read on for some fun facts about these mammals we learned when we visited the local zoo! 

Black Howler Monkey
Alouatta caraya

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Pinecone for It! 6 Simple Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

With a handful of these woodland beauties, you can take your holiday decor from artificial to au naturel in no time.

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Scout the Route: 35 Things to Do on the Trail

Make that stroll in the woods even more thrilling for every tiny trail trekker. This list will have them looking up and down for everything from moss on a rock to jumping fish.

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Hair Today: Not Gone Tomorrow

There are hair challenges, and then there are hair challenges. We’ve heard of kids getting hair brushes, gum, even slinkies stuck in their hair . . . but imagine giving your kid a gift and discovering that it’s essentially taken…

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Take a Bite Out Of These Amazing Animal Creations

It already feels like a zoo when it comes to mealtimes—why not throw in a little amazing critter-themed food art? We bet your animals will be begging to take a bite!

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16 Signs You’re a Williamsburg Parent

Peter Pan? Minimall? Condo? If these resonate with you, we know where you live…

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Where to Eat, Play & Shop in Greenpoint with Kids

Explore Greenpoint, Brooklyn with your kids by following our guide to the coolest spots to eat, shop and play together.

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