13 Clever Hacks to Make Your Gingerbread House a Success

These tips and tricks will help you make a gingerbread house that will actually stay in one piece!

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22 Handmade Christmas Ornaments Anyone Can Make

Upgrade your tree with these easy and awesome homemade baubles you can make in an afternoon.

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Elf on the Shelf: Why Our Elf Only Has One Job

I remember snow melting on the red brick hearth in my parents’ home. The prints from Santa’s boots were still there, dusty and unfamiliar yet somehow comforting. The cookies mom carefully set out were gone. Only an empty milk-stained…

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Today Is National Crayon Day



Today Is National Crayon Day

That was an off-color remark.


Before you banish all the broken bits to the trash, try one of these 3 places to recycle your old crayons for a good cause.



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Sweet DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

When did Valentine’s Day become synonymous with candy and sweets? While your kids love that this holiday is the second best to Halloween, the idea of your kiddos hopped on sugar with chocolate-stained teeth is enough to make any parent…

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Step Inside a Teeny-Tiny Popcorn Shop

If you take one piece of advice from us, let it be this: Go to downtown Wheaton. Look for the tiny red door on Front Street. Step inside the long, narrow hallway. And buy popcorn. Lots of it. Welcome to…

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Arts & Crafts with Kids: Wax Paper Stained Glass

This easy kids craft project is for those moms and dads with oodles of broken bits of crayons laying around the house (sound familiar?). Instead of letting the broken crayons decay and mark up your drawers, we suggest using them…

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