5 Things I Learned from Walking 5 Miles a Day

“It started simply enough—just two moms who wanted to move and get some fresh air in the process. But it soon became so much more.”

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Why People Born in May Consider Themselves Lucky (According to Experts)

Here’s why people born in the fifth month are such a hearty lot.

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Get Up Close to Cute & Cuddly Pandas at the Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center is home to Seattle’s ultimate IMAX experience and it’s where you can catch “Pandas,” a brand-new breathtaking documentary adventure the whole family will love.

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9 Earth-Shattering Ways My Kids Have Changed Me

The experience of parenting has been slowly and dramatically changing the person that I am. They are making me better. Here’s how.

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Insider’s Guide to the Monster Jam

Get ready for some high-flying, action-packed family fun. Check out our insider’s guide to the Portland Monster Jam.

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8 Yummy Freebies Every Member of Your Family Will Love

From meals to special treats, there are lots of tasty freebies out there for your family!

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TV and Movie Moms We Wish Were in Our Tribe

Here is Common Sense Media’s list of favorite moms from screens big and small.

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10 Things Only Parents of Toddlers Will Understand

Photo: Amy McTigue
Raising children of any age is a struggle at times, but it is almost guaranteed that the toddler stage will be the period in a child’s life that most parents look back on with mixed feelings. Toddlers…

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Toddlers Make Even the Most Mundane of Tasks ‘Interesting’

Photo: Jen Setteducato
Everyone loved telling me how life would change after having a baby – no more spontaneous rock shows on Monday nights; no sleeping late or reading a book for more than five minutes at a time, etc.–…

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10 Ways the First Year of Parenthood Is Like the Olympic Games

Ever feel like new parenthood is a marathon? Have a laugh, or a cry, and see why we think getting through the first year with Baby deserves a gold medal!

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The Perfect Portland Summer Bucket List

Be sure to plan a trip to the berry patch, take a breathtaking tram ride or hike to the top of the city as part of your Portland summer fun.

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Happy Trails: Sugarloaf Mountain for Mini Hikers

From the most tot-friendly hiking trails to the peak’s top perks, here’s the 411 on hiking Sugarloaf Mountain.

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A Natural Wonderland for Kids of All Ages

While hiking used to mean multi-day backpacking trips, chances are these days, a hike with your kiddos in-tow usually means a few hours strolling at a slow pace, while noshing on some trail mix. Sure, having kids slowed down the…

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