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Wocka-Wocka! Punny Jokes & One-Liners Just for LA Kids

Did you heard the one about the fish who moved to Hollywood?

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“Sesame Street” Introduces Its Newest Muppets for Autism Awareness Month

“Sesame Street” is rolling out tons of new content for autism awareness.

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Sorry (Not Sorry) Pinterest, You’ve Got Nothing on Betty Crocker

“My daughter never knew the joy of a ’70s birthday cake. She’s grown up in the age of Martha Stewart and Pinterest parenting.”

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22 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up Marriage

A couple can’t get by on electricity bills and date nights alone. Bring on the laugh track with these LOL memes.

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A Whimsical Under the Sea Birthday Party Idea

If you’ve dreamt of throwing an epic mermaid birthday party, now’s your chance.

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10 Weird & Strange Reasons Your Kid Has Thrown a Tantrum

Some tantrums are so weird that they’re worth reporting. Here are 10 that’ll leave you scratching your head.

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9 Ways to Turn Your Living Room Into an Enchanted Seascape

There’s no better way to make a splash with the kiddos than an afternoon of imaginative play while you turn your living room into an underwater playground! Read on to find out our top transformation tips.

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Explore 7 Marine Gardens on the Oregon Coast

Kids can explore sea creatures up close with protected intertidal ecosystems, known as marine gardens, dotting the Oregon coastline.

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Insider’s Guide to Birch Aquarium

Got a couple of hours to spare in the morning or afternoon near La Jolla? Then make a visit to the Birch Aquarium, at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, is perfect for an educational romp with exotic and native Californian…

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Tide Pool Adventures in Malibu

Parents often go out of their way to plan grandiose family trips with all the bells and whistles; but sometimes it’s the simplest, impromptu outings that create the fondest memories. Such is the case with a low-key trip to Malibu…

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Family Fun: Bay Area Naturalist Leads Kids on Discovery Tours

Ever taken the kids on an hiking adventure of the natural world designed just for them?  No?  Then meet Sharon Barnett, known affectionately as ‘Sharon Heron’ by the many children she works with as a Certified Interpretive Guide and science…

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