11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Step-Parent

Photo: Skitterphoto via Pexels.com
For a lot of parents, the idea of becoming a step-parent would be out of the question. But for many others, when the love for a partner and their kids is so great, you don’t question…

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Help! Save Me from My Pet Name!

“Many families call their children various nicknames that range from the cute and funny to the ridiculously weird. But what happens when you don’t like the nickname your kid gives you?”

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Nobody Ever Said Blending Families Would Be Easy

“We had to learn how to make this work.”

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This is How We Do It: Six Tips For Blended Families

I love the looks I get when I say we have six kids. I’ll pause whille you take that in. Six kids. People just can’t help commenting: “that’s insane,” “better you than me,” or, my personal favorite lately, “I can’t…

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Parenting Advice for Step-Parents: Handling the Gray Areas without “The Manual”

Whether the kids are his, hers or ours, when two parents make a household, communication is the key! My mother used to tell me she never received a manual from the hospital, and step-parenting is no different. My husband was…

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Hungry? Tired? Bored?

     Have you ever had those days where you just want to rip out your hair in frustration? As a mother of two children, a step parent to three children, and a daycare provider, I have had more than my…

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