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Breaking the Evil Stepmother Stereotype

“Being a stepparent can be as simple or as difficult as all the parties involved choose to make it.”

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Billy Porter Announces He Will Play the Fairy Godmother in Sony’s Live-Action “Cinderella”

Porter joins the live-action remake cast along with singer Camilla Cabello.

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A Christmas “Cinderella Story” Is Happening & Here’s the First Look

It’s going to be a very merry Christmas for this Cinderella.

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A Love Letter to Moms

It is hard being the sun and rain and night and day for these little ones, but remember to honor and love yourself as much as you do your children.

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How to Get Your Kids to Clean the House

Today is National No Housework Day. So take a break and let the kids pick up the slack.

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The One Awesome Thing about Being a Dad That I Can’t Wait For

Someday is a long way away. It is a blurry shape in the distance, far enough away to be obscured by time and chance. Many of us have lofty goals we hope to realize by then. Lose weight, gain weight,…

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How My Love for Kids Stopped Me From Giving Birth

Photo: Pexels.com
I knew from an early age that I didn’t want to be a birth mother. There was nothing wrong with my body, or my mind, I often dreamt about getting married and was always described as a loving…

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How My Fridge Taught Me A Lesson on Inclusion

“How do I get on the fridge?”

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All eight members of our modern-day blended Brady Bunch were crammed in the kitchen, prepping for dinner.  The Littles precariously poured the milk, delighted to have scored set-up…

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5 People Who Slayed Their Disney Villain Costume

Sometimes our kids look at us like we’re the evil stepmother in their Disney movie. What better excuse to dress like a villain than Halloween? Scroll below to see five Disney villain looks that blew us away this year.

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