Helping Kids Understand the Difference between Tattling vs. Reporting

“There’s a difference between tattling and reporting. When kids understand the difference, they are more likely to report unsafe situations and real trouble.”

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We Need to Erase This Word

“There is no correct way to use this word.”

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It’s Time to Stop Using This Word

“My daughter is worthy. She is deserving of everything life has to offer. She is different but not less: if anything she is more.”

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Can’t Decide to Send the Kids Back to School? 5 Tips for Overcoming Decision Paralysis

“In the weeks between now and the start of school, practicing these techniques can help you move out of the paralysis of not knowing what to do and making the best decision you can in your situation.”

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Why I Didn’t Talk to Anyone about My Postpartum Depression

“I thought people would look down on me. That they would call me ‘crazy’ or ‘insane.’ I worried that they would think I was an unfit mother.”

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4 Reasons Why Co-Sleeping Might Work for You

Could co-sleeping be the sleep solution you’ve been looking for?

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“Sesame Street” Helps Kids to Tackle Parental Addiction

Karli is helping kids with this tough topic.

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Research Sheds Light on Pregnancy-Related Body Shaming

Here’s what science has to say about pregnancy, weight gain and body shaming.

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These Girl Scout Troops Are Changing the World with Their Cookie Sales

Those tasty cookies are more than a treat—they’re supporting communities, too.

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​How Do We Break the Social Stigma of Being Adopted?

One adopted parent speaks out about a painful, but all too common experience.

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barack michelle obama birthday instagram 2018

Here’s Why Michelle Obama Opening Up about Miscarriages & IVF Means So Much

Michelle Obama’s memoir offers readers a deep look into her life, from historic triumphs to very personal losses.

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New York Just Became the First State to Mandate Mental Health Classes for Kids

Mental well-being is becoming an important part of health education.

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Kids Who Identify as Trans “Know Their Gender,” AAP Says in Important New Guidelines

New guidelines encourage pediatricians to practice gender-affirmative health care.

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Singer Carrie Underwood Opens Up about Her Heartbreaking Pregnancy Losses

While Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are expecting baby number two, but it wasn’t an easy road getting there.

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James Van Der Beek Opens Up about Wife’s Pregnancy Loss in Powerful IG Post

James Van Der Beek opens up about a very private struggle in his family—that’s more common than you might think.

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Just Let Them Play: 6 Things I Learned about Boys, Dolls and Nurturing

When my preschool son told me that “boys don’t cry” three years ago, my heart sank. I remember thinking to myself, “We live in a progressive town, we talk endlessly about feelings at home, and I’m a therapist for goodness…

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Social Media and Kids: Not All Bad News

A recent study outlined some of the positive outcomes social media can have on kids.

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Older Moms Make Better Parents, A New Study Finds


photo: Well Baby Center
Whether you choose to postpone motherhood by choice or necessity, there has often been a stigma attached to being an older mom. A new study blows any negative assumptions out of the water, however, with…

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What My Daughter’s Dance Class Taught Me About Divorce

“Where are you going?” a little voice asked.
“What?” I turned back against the tide of moms and dads leaving the dance studio and saw a little dancer looking up at me, bun cocked and eyes narrowed curiously.

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To Raise Brave Girls, You Must Encourage This Single Trait

photo: Woodley Wonder Works via Flickr
Bravery is often a trait valued in boys more than girls, but it’s a quality that all kids — regardless of gender — need to succeed as adults. To help girls overcome the stigma…

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How My Love for Kids Stopped Me From Giving Birth

Photo: Pexels.com
I knew from an early age that I didn’t want to be a birth mother. There was nothing wrong with my body, or my mind, I often dreamt about getting married and was always described as a loving…

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Kristen Bell is the Woman in All of Us

photo: ravend via Flickr Creative Commons
There is literally nothing unlikable about Kristen Bell. Go ahead and try to dig something up on her…I dare you. Here are some of the many reasons why we moms adore Kristen Bell.


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Prince William Writes a Letter to Parents, and Now We Love Him Even More

Photo: Heads Together
In light of Father’s Day, Prince William penned a message to parents, especially dads, urging them to check in with their children on their mental health. The prince partnered with the charity Heads Together to write an…

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