5 Ways to Help Your Young Child Become Comfortable Wearing a Mask

Worried your child won’t wear a mask when they need to? These 5 tips can help get them more comfortable.

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babies tablet

Teach Your Baby Physics, Math & More with This New App

The infantio app offers two modes, stimulate and soothe.

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Curator Mom Shares Her Secrets to Getting Kids to Appreciate Art

“How do you get your kids interested in art? Tam Gryn, a mom and art curator, offers her tried and true suggestions.”

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Hasbro - Candyland

Hasbro Launches New Initiative to Support Families Staying Indoors

Explore family-focused resources, including tips for family playtime and activity challenges to keep kids occupied.

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Are You in Sync with Your Baby? Science Says Happiness Makes a Difference

How connected you are with your baby may depend on how happy you are.

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Why You Should Eat More Chocolate

How much do you really know about chocolate?

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Science Says Chicken Soup Really Is the Best Medicine

It turns out moms were right all along.

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Why Do Babies Move in the Womb? New Study Reveals Surprising Finding

Nope, your baby-to-be isn’t trying to keep you up all night on purpose.

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New IVF Treatment Promises No More Needles & It’s Pretty Incredible

With the hundreds of needles involved, this new IVF treatment could be huge.

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8 Inspiring Holiday Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Can you believe the holidays are here? I don’t know about you, but the insanity in our homes are in full swing: The guest rooms are being prepared for all our out of town guests, the menus are being set,…

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This Is How to Survive Even the Worst Sleep Regression

Did you know your baby will go through three major sleep regressions during his or her first year of life? I bet you didn’t think about that when you first wanted to get pregnant: Sleep regressions, what now? Yes—this is…

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Do You Think Your Child Doesn’t Have a “Math Brain”? Think Again!

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts. ​Albert Einstein

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My 9 years old daughter has a love/hate…

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All the Best Ways to Stop “Summer Brain Drain”

Photo: istockphoto.com
When it comes to summer break, school is usually the last thing on a child’s mind. Instead, family trips and playtime with friends take priority, leaving little room for interest in learning during the warmer months. Unfortunately, research…

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Overnight Summer Camps Are Better for Your Kids Than SAT Prep Classes

If you’re the kind of parent that believes all a kid needs in the summer is free time, fresh air and a break from technology, you’re going to love this post from a California blogger.

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Thought You’d Tried It All? Check out These 10 Foods Thought to Induce Labor

From spicy to sweet, these 10 foods are rumored to help get the contractions started.

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Just Opened: Anyone Comics  

This new shop will be a big draw for super fans big and small!

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Black, White & Red All Over: High Contrast Baby Goodies

Baby’s vision isn’t fully developed yet and he’s drawn to high contrast, black and white patterns. Stimulate your baby’s vision with one of these 12 toys, blankets, books and artworks.

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Let Them Eat Muffins!

This new pastry shop specializes in fresh baked muffins, that—we swear—will give your favorite D.C. cupcake a run for its money. Plus, it’s within walking distance from one of the coolest playgrounds around town.

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A New Dinosaur Story for Jurassic Lovers

Check out this interactive dinosaur story “Is Apatosaurus Okay?” from the Smithsonian Pre-historic Pals Collection.

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Bibs & Burp Cloths With Color That Goes Off the Richter Scale

We now break from your regularly scheduled blue and pink programming to bring you something different.

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Win a 10-Week Session with The Music Class!

Music really does make the world go ’round! It can be a great tool for helping young children develop in many different ways, not to mention the potential for bonding between parents and kids. If you want your kiddo to…

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Enroll Your Kiddos at French American International School

The most established and the only fully accredited Preschool-through-Grade-eight program of its kind in the Portland metropolitan area, FAIS is a leader in preparing young people for the global world of the 21st century. Using the rich resources of an…

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Tap into your Child’s Natural Curiosity this Summer at Living Montessori Academy!

Children, ages 3-12, will engage in creative, hands-on activities, build friendships, develop skills and enjoy being kids.
Enrichment Base Camps stimulate creativity with exciting zones: Visual Arts, Fitness and Games, Little Chef’s Culinary and Gardening, Music/Drama, and Montessori Summer School.…

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UCDS Studio Infant Toddler Program

Kids are curious. Just dangle a set of keys in front of any baby and you’ll see that curiosity in action through myriad facial expressions, giggles and coos. If you’re looking for a way to stimulate that sense of curiosity…

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