Effective Workout Moves You Can Do at the Playground

This series of moves will work your whole body, from triceps to glutes and beyond, all using regular play equipment.

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Accepting Help Takes Strength & Courage

“My hope for all of you today is that despite the chaos in the world right now, you open the door and receive support if you feel overwhelmed so you are given the strength to do whatever is in front of you.”

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8 Eggcellent Science Experiments to Use Up Those Extra Eggs

If you are looking to add a little science to your spring activities, these experiments with eggs will leave your kids amazed!

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Henry Golding & Wife Liv Lo Welcome Their First Child

The “Crazy Rich Asians” actor and his wife are parents.

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Where Has the Time Gone?

“It’s just been you and me from the start and as we approach your 3rd birthday I can’t help but reflect back on these past few years. And although some days feel like an eternity, I still catch myself wondering, ‘Where has the time gone?’”

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little boy in a field

We Need to Erase This Word

“There is no correct way to use this word.”

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I Was Surprised to Learn Amanda Gorman and I Have This in Common

“Love who you are and be who you are, at all costs. Once you commit to this kind of philosophy, the sky’s the limit.”

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13 Fred Rogers Quotes about Kindness That We Need Now More Than Ever

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood when you remember these important words of wisdom.

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The Frightening World of Self-Injurious Behavior

“With therapies, medications, and love we will grow through this. We have to. It’s all we can do. We wake up every day and start all over just like everyone else.”

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Reebok Honors Educators with New Wonder Woman Collab

You can take on anything with this new collection.

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Hefty Costume

Kids Love the Garbage Collector, Now They Can Dress Up like One Thanks to Hefty

While superheroes and princesses are always popular Halloween costumes, there are real-life heroes in our community that deserve the same honor. This Halloween, Hefty is helping kids dress up as their real-life heroes with the new Hefty Garbage Collector costume.…

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Guess Who? Hometown Helpers

Hasbro Honors Essential Workers with Guess Who? Hometown Helpers

The game puts the spotlight on some of the special people we count on in the community.

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Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese

Cheetos Launches New Mac ‘n Cheese Flavors Including Flamin’ Hot

Find these iconic Cheetos flavors in the mac and cheese aisle.

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Raising Tough Little Girls & Strong Women

“What I’m teaching my daughters about what it means to be strong and independent.”

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Newest Slumberkin Is Here to Help Raise Empathetic Leaders

The sweet and cuddly creature shares a special message.

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Sorry, Not Sorry: Why Girls Need to Stop Apologizing

Photo: Shutterstock.com
You may have heard of a “little” best seller called, Girl, Stop Apologizing (2019) by multi-media company founder, Rachel Hollis. I don’t’ know about you but I’ve read it three times now, going on four. Hollis, speaker, author,…

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Now You Can Buy a Jason Momoa Coloring Book

Fans can’t wait to get their hands on this.

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Elton John to Host the iHeart Living Room Concert, Sun. Mar. 29

The musical guests will appear from their own homes.

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Disney Releases Final Trailer for Mulan & We Can’t Wait!

This week, Walt Disney Studios released the final trailer for the upcoming film.

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The Completely Unexpected Career Choice I Made after Becoming a Mom

“It wasn’t easy to take on a completely new job which I knew nothing about and was a total shift away from my original career, but once I drew on everything that I had experienced as a mother, it made everything that much easier.”

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5 Strategies to Help You Rise above Bullying

Despite the noble efforts of many to keep bullying at bay and to educate the public as to how to do so, the reality of bullying nonetheless persists. Here are five strategies to help you and your kids overcome the emotional damage that comes along with being a target.

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This Study Offers New Insight Into Toddler Language Development

According to research, this is how to help your child develop new language skills.

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Harriet Tubman: A Tribute to a Legend Who Truly Fits the “Bill”

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photography
Dear Confessional,
I absolutely love writing poetry. I love it so much that in my own blank space of thoughts, I constantly make up poems about anything in my head. Something about the rhythm and melody…

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Gymnastics Is Way More Beneficial for Kids Than You Think

Gymnastics provides an opportunity for children to acquire not just physical skills, but social and emotional skills that will be a compass for their future. It’s a sport that truly benefits the whole child.

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“This Is Us” Season 4 Will Blow You Away, Says Mandy Moore

There are some big surprises in store for fans.

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This New SpongeBob Spin-Off Show Is Perfect for Summer Campers

Who lives at summer camp under the sea? SpongeBob Squarepants!

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I’m Not Sorry for Scaring You with My Parenting Style

I’m not sorry that I want my kids to know what the rain feels like on their skin, or how the mud squishes between their toes. So, I let my kids do a few things that seem to frighten other parents.

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