Discover the Not-So-Obvious Spots to Hike, Camp & Fish Near Chicago

Tranquil cabins in the woods, an abundance of fish waiting for a nibble, hiking until your legs wobble. . . find the roads less traveled near Chicago.

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A Better Bike Trailer That’ll Make You Say, Weehoo!

If your little ones have made you put big rides on hold, break out the bike shorts because we’ve found the perfect solution.

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HGTV’s Erin & Ben Napier Announce They Are Expecting Second Child

It’s baby number two for HGTV’s “Home Town” couple.

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Top 10 Reasons Moms Don’t Sleep on Long Haul Flights

Think that flight is going to be a chance to relax? Think again. Here’s why Moms can’t catch a break, even on long haul flights.

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How to Cut Your Family’s Hair at Home (& Not Ruin It)

We’ve all seen the “don’t cut your own bangs” meme but there may come a time during this Stay at Home era that you’ll have to (gulp) cut your kid’s, or your own, or your spouse’s hair. We’ve got you.

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Lockdown Made Me a Better Parent. Here’s Why

“In the beginning, I have to say, I was a terrible parent. Every morning I would be glued to my phone, checking the latest coronavirus numbers and getting stressed about our lack of progress, all the while totally ignoring my children.”

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The Office’s Lindsey Broad Chats with Us on Motherhood

We’re interviewing Power Parents who in our opinion, are killing it. From the board room to the changing room, these moms are filling us in on everyday life of how they juggle it all.
Today we’re interviewing Lindsey Broad –…

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These Batteries Taste Terrible––Here’s Why

The bitter coating serves a big purpose.

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family on laptop

Study Shows IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes Users Prefer Different Movies

The team set out to find out the most divisive titles in each category.

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6 Senior Caregiving Tips in the Time of COVID-19

“Under normal circumstances, the challenges faced by family caregivers are already substantial. During a pandemic, they are unprecedented.”

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5 Ways to Save Your Marriage in Lockdown

“Being together for 25 years has given us a few tricks beyond ‘don’t go to bed angry’ that make our relationship work—even with a high-energy four-year-old in a lockdown situation.”

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Kristen Bell Guest Stars on Story Pirates Podcast

The episode is part of the Story Pirates live program series.

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Princess Bride

The Princess Bride Is Headed to Disney+

The iconic 1987 film will be available to stream on Disney+ beginning next month.

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Sweet Victory: PEEPS Jousting FTW

Being stuck indoors is one thing; being stuck inside with a bunch of leftover PEEPS is another thing entirely. 

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Peloton Launches Family-Friendly Classes

It will include 10 episodes across meditation and cardio, with classes appropriate for ages 5-15. 

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Craft supplies

Make 100 Different DIY Projects Using Only 10 Items from Michaels

If you have these ten items on hand you can keep your kids crafting for days on end.

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Mattel Launches Digital Resource to Help Parents During Coronavirus Closures

This new online hub also offers play-from-home information and tips for parents and caregivers.

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’90s TV Shows & Movies to Watch with the Kids

In our opinion (and we’re betting yours, too), they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

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Watch Broadway Shows at Home for Free for a Limited Time

From Broadway classics to Shakespeare, there is bound to be something for everyone. 

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Visit These Famous Museums from Your Couch

Explore these cultural hubs from the comfort of your own home.

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Dad Starts Phone Number to Share Laughs During Quarantine

It’s a way to stay smiling during difficult times.

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girl reading

J.K. Rowling Relaxes License So Teachers Can Read Harry Potter Series to Students Online

The open licence for teachers is the first of several initiatives being planned to help bring Harry Potter to children at home.

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Laura Benanti Helps Theater Kids After Musicals Were Canceled Due to Coronavirus

Now these theater kids are getting their chance to shine.

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Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

We live in a world where we see the very feeling of being uncomfortable as “bad” and a thing to avoid. But avoiding uncomfortable feelings gets in the way of doing the things we want to do, of growing, and truly living the lives we want to live.

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