Support Your Health by Adding this Simple Thing to Your Daily Routine*

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Feel like you’ve got a lot on your plate these days? Despite packed schedules and never-ending to-do lists, it’s important to find ways to be good to your body—whether that’s finding zen in a yoga…

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Want Your Kid to Eat Healthier? There’s a Research-Backed Hack For That

Penn State researchers made a surprising discovery when studying preschoolers!

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Got a Crying Baby? This Book May Help

Moimoi will entertain and soothe your crying baby.

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Put down the iPad & Go Outside

“Having to disconnect is so beneficial. You will start to notice an immediate change in attitude in yourself as well as your kids.”

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My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This New RBG Book Will Inspire a New Generation of Readers

Introduce your little one to this feminist icon.

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YouTube Study

Study Reveals the Most Popular Kids YouTube Channel in Every Country

With so many channels, what is everyone watching?

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Baby reading with dad

Study Shows Babies from Bilingual Homes Switch Attention Faster

There may be an advantage simply from hearing, not just speaking, a second language.

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Science Has an Awesome Reason to Get Lost in a Good Book with Your Kid

Reading with your kids is a great way to bond, but it also has some amazing health benefits, too.

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This Country Just Instituted 7 Months of Family Leave––For Each Parent

New parents can take up to 14 months to care for their newborn child.

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Why We Need to Take the Home Out of Homework

At the end of the day, you are the person your child wants to impress the most, so it’s no wonder the pressure of performing perfectly at home can be overwhelming. Help your child find their own safe space to study—you’ll watch their confidence increase, and the battles at the dining room table begin to melt away.

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Your Birth Control Might Not Work because of Your Genes, Study Finds

You may be genetically predisposed towards pregnancy. Kind of.

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The Simple But Important Way Parents Can Helps Reduce Pain in Babies

Sparing your baby from pain could be in your own hands.

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Success Isn’t Black & White for Kids—It’s a Spectrum

“Perfection doesn’t equal success in my book.”

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Science Confirms Feeling “Hangry” Is 100 Percent Legit

Hungry? Science says stop what you’re doing and get a snack before it’s too late.

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It Doesn’t Matter If Kids’ Parents Are Straight or Gay, Study Finds

A new study reveals that it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, because all parents are created equal.

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The Secret to Getting Your Kids to Do Their Chores—Without Asking

When it comes to getting your kids to do their chores, the struggle is real.

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The Earlier Your Kid Masters This Skill, the Faster They’ll Learn How to Read

The faster your kid can master this developmental skill, the better a reader he or she will be.

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How Parents Can Empower Their Children with a Growth Mindset

As a parent and former educator, every time I hear these dreaded phrases: “I can’t do this,” “This is hard,” “I give up,” or “I am just not good at…” it is like nails on a chalkboard. And let’s face…

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Here’s What Research Says About Your Child Using a Rubber Ducky

Rubber ducky, you’re the one… for a serious health concern, research finds.

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Kids with Younger Siblings Have More Empathy, New Study Reveals

Say what you will about birth order and sibling rivalry, but sciences says older kids learn empathy from their younger siblings.

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Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Sleep on Their Backs?

Here’s the best way to decrease your likelihood of suffering a stillbirth.

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This Is Why I Will Unapologetically Cherish My Daughter’s Childhood

“Mama! Everybody in the world is so nice and everybody loves me!”

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My daughter told me this over pizza, on her third birthday. I affirmed her proclamations and kept eating. I can’t tell her the…

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A Mom’s Brain Is Hard-Wired to Respond to Baby’s Cries, According to Study

Science shows reacting to your baby’s cries might be an inherent behavior.

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Acetaminophen, Pregnancy and What New Research Tells Us About ADHD

Here’s what you need to know about acetaminophen use during pregnancy.

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Babies Who See Their Parents Struggle Learn Perseverance, According to Science

True grit is being developed before tots are even out of diapers.

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Can Intelligence Be Developed? It Can and Here’s How

Growth mindset, the concept that intelligence can be developed, has become more and more accepted in the education landscape. Carol Dweck, a Stanford University professor and a household name in education, has taught us through her research that with a…

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How the Kindness of a Stranger at IHOP Lessened My Single Mom Loneliness

It was our final day of Disneyland, and I was feeling like a world champion. I had planned and paid for this trip, arranged for pet care with my standard multiple pages of instructions, packed for every possible mother-son contingency,…

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