Coding Resources & Challenges for Kids

There are many free or low cost coding programs available to teach kids this skill.

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Creative Ways to Feed Your Family More Plant-Based Meals

“Providing vegan options and feeding your family a few more plant-based meals can actually be easier than you realize. All you need to do is find what works for you and your family and take things one step at a time.”

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13 Buzz-Worthy Coffee Subscriptions You Need to Try

School is back in session and these coffee subscriptions are here to save your morning (and afternoon).

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You Need This Teacher-Created Subscription Box for Your Preschooler

This awesome resource was developed in response to the pandemic.

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5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat the Dinners You Cook

Photo: Matt Armendariz
As a mother of three, I’ve developed effective strategies over the years for how to get them excited about eating what I make. As any mom will attest, preparing three meals a day for your family is no…

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Detoxifying Your House, One Product at a Time

I kneeled on the floor of our son’s nursery, my big belly resting on my thighs, as I folded tiny onesies and sweatpants, lifting up each piece to inspect it and sniff it, breathing in that sweet Dreft mixture of…

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Child reading

Amazon Announces Best Children’s & YA Books of 2020

Find your child’s next favorite book or holiday gift pick.

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Dunkin' Refreshers

Brighten Your Day with a New Dunkin’ Refresher

Dunkin’ Refreshers, Strawberry Dragonfruit flavored and Peach Passion Fruit flavored, are launching today.

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Brickworld Presents Online LEGO Exposition

Chicago-based Brickworld regularly hosts LEGO Expos throughout the Midwest. Now due to social distancing, there are a variety of online options available. LEGO fans can participate in Brickworld LEGO Virtual Con, how-to video demonstrations and a Make-A-Wish fundraiser.

The Brickworld…

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10 Magazines for Kids to Subscribe to Now

We’re happy to report that there’s a publication for nearly every age and stage.

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The Week Is Launching a New Magazine Just for Kids

This new weekly news magazine just for kids aims to make conversations about current events a little easier.

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Disney+ Will Offer the Option to Download and Save Your Family’s Favorite Flicks

The service will allow you to download and watch content after it’s no longer streaming.

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Laundry Has Never Been Safer—or Simpler—Thanks to Dropps

Dropps delivers non-toxic, plastic-free laundry products (and eco-conscious peace of mind) directly to your door.

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What Is Amazon Day? This New Prime Perk Is an Eco-Friendly Game-Changer

Gone are the days of breaking down a million Amazon boxes every week.

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Chrissy Teigen’s Tips for Happy Living: “See Yourself Through Your Kids’ Eyes”

Chrissy Teigen gets real with some amazing parenting advice in a new interview.

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10 Parenting Podcasts Every Mom Needs in Her Life Right Now

Moms, start subscribing. These parenting podcasts are about to light up your iTunes like the Fourth of July.

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30 Activities Perfect for Family Bonding in November

103 Movies the…

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Amazon FreeTime for Alexa Just Got 3 Kid-Friendly Updates We’ve Been Waiting For

Alexa will be your kid’s new favorite playmate with these new features.

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This Viral “How to Parent” Video Is Almost Too Relatable

What type of parent are you? Find out with this hilariously helpful guide.

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Sorry, Cable: Netflix Reigns Supreme on American TV Screens

A new survey says Netflix is pretty popular in the United States.

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News That Is Safe for Kids & Fun to Read? Check Out XYZA

Want your kids to stay curious and learn about the world without danger of seeing inappropriate ads or frightening images? This mom-invented media company is the solution.

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Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition, Green, Bedtime

Amazon Launches Kid-Friendly Version of Its Popular Echo Dot

This the kid-friendly version of the original device comes in fun primary colors and is geared towards little ears.

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11 YouTube Channels You Can Trust

We have the recs you need for safe, smart channels to watch.

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