Airbnb Hosts Enrolled More Than 1 Million Listings in Cleaning Protocol

Bookings for listings opted into the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol are more likely to be for family stays. 

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13 Halloween Safety Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of

These smart tips can help keep your family safe on Halloween.

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The Three Gifts of the Father

At the age of 41, I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. It was completely out-of-the blue, as I had no symptoms, except for a solid mass discovered by my doctor during a routine exam. The diagnosis alone was terrifying, but…

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Here’s How to Make Everything Hurt Less When Carrying Your Baby

Here’s how you can combat all those body aches that come from carrying your little one.

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Coming Back Home—Again

John Denver wrote the song “Back Home Again” to express the joy and comfort of being close to loved ones after a difficult time away.

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Dream Big, Little One

They say the art of imagination is dead. I don’t believe that for one second. I see my kids, especially when they are playing, I mean really playing. Imagination is alive and well!
I see young people in my job,…

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Today’s Google Doodle Is for All the Coder Kids out There

In honor of Computer Science Education Week, Google is using their Doodle to get kids excited about coding.

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Barbie’s Getting a Whole New Look!

Mattel just unveiled its newest Barbie Shero doll, complete with hijab.

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5 People All Kids Should Know About for Black History Month (and Life)

Honor Black History Month by learning more about these amazing men and women.

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Ten Things That Surprised Me About Being a SAHM

I had a long teaching career planned and never planned to be a SAHM. Here are ten surprising things I discovered on this long, strange trip called life.
In my “first life” (aka my first marriage) I was the full-time…

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Why This Wasn’t a Free Boob Job

Over the past year, I’ve been collecting a list of things you shouldn’t say to a woman with breast cancer. One of them is:

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“At least you get a free boob job.”
I know. Nobody…

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Activities You’ll Want to Copy + Pasta Into Your Afternoon

Pasta isn’t just an easy dinner idea. It makes for an easy afternoon craft too!

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Holidays Disasters That Make You Laugh (In Time)

Come November, days get shorter and the holidays are in full force. In the blink of an eye Thanksgiving is over and before you can finish putting away your turkey leftovers, you find yourself frantically competing with your neighbors to…

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21 Signs You’re a New York City Mom

Ah, New York parenting. You can hail a cab, while folding up your stroller with one hand and carrying your toddler in the other. You can recite a list of the 10 cleanest bathrooms below 14th Street. And, you can…

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Ugliest Baby Photo Contest – Enter Now!

Let’s face it, with prune-like skin, baby acne, cradle cap, rashes and drooling, not everything about a newborn baby is pretty. We’re asking parents to take off their rose-colored glasses and admit it: you have an ugly baby.
There is…

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