Homeschool Tips for Beginners

“Every day, parents across the world are educating their children, and these skills can be used when teaching their kids at home.”

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remote work

Check out the Top 100 Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs Right Now

FlexJobs annual list also highlights fast-growing careers for remote jobs.

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Does Having Children Make You Happier?

Photo: pexels
This may seem like a controversial question to some people. Of course, you love your children and cannot imagine your life without them. But consider for a moment, do you feel happier with children compared to when you were childless?…

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Massachusetts Lawmakers Seek to Ban This Popular Youth Sport with New Bill

Bay staters may soon wave “bye bye” to this popular youth sport.

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Never Put These Things in Your Kid’s Car Seat, Mom’s Viral Post Warns

One mom’s terrifying experience serves as a warning to other parents.

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Are Hoverboards Safe for Kids? New Study Finds 26,000 Injuries in 2-Year Period

Calm down, wannabe Marty McFly kids out there—you’ll want to slow your roll after you read this.

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car seat on stove

Why Every Parent Should *Always* Double Check Before Putting a Car Seat Down

This recent situation serves as a reminder that we all need to care for our precious cargo every day.

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Local Is Cool For Back To School

These uniquely LA ideas make going Back to School much more fun. (Or at least easier: we know of nothing that makes getting up early fun!)

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