Keep Your Pet Happy (and Safe) in the Heat

It’s the season of BBQs, beaches and epic games of fetch in the backyard. While people and pets enjoy having fun in the sun together, it’s important to take extra special care of your furry family member when it’s hot…

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CucinaPro Unicorn Pancake

Add Some Sparkle to Your Day With Unicorn Pancakes

CucinaPro’s new pan cooks seven pancakes with unique magical designs

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Always Buy Cereal & Other Lessons I’ve Learned from a 13-Year-Old

“I’m learning that the best way to parent teenagers is to see them, hear them, and accept them for who they are right now…and feed them lots and lots of cereal.”

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7 Parenting Lessons I’ve Learned in 2020

“Call me a Pollyanna, but I always try to find the positive, even in challenging situations. Here are some things I’ve learned this year that I’m grateful for.”

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10 Ways to Keep Babies & Toddlers Cool in the Summer Heat

Help your child stay cool and comfortable this summer with these 10 important tips.

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Disney Family Exercise

Get Your Kids Up & Moving with These Fun Disney Workouts

All of the stretches and moves were developed with kids in mind.

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These Genius UV Detection Stickers Tell You When to Reapply Sunscreen

Throw these in your purse or your kid’s camp backpack.

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Get Active with Target’s New Size-Inclusive All In Motion Line

Target’s new activewear line is fit fun for the whole fam.

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10 Ways for New Moms to Feel Like Themselves Again

Feeling a little lost post-baby? Reconnect with your old self while rockin’ it as a new mama with these tips.

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9 Clever Ways to Squeeze in a Workout When You Have Kids

As busy moms, it can be hard to find time for a full-blown workout but here are some sneaky ways to incorporate exercise into your day.

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mom son hu

Mothering Advice That You Actually Want to Hear

We asked real moms what the best piece of advice they’ve been given, and here’s what they had to say.

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I’m Not Mom-Shaming Kylie Jenner—But I Am Calling Her Out

“My issue comes with what Kylie is not saying to her fans…to her 116 million Instagram followers.”

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Here’s Why Some of Your Kids’ Favorite Treats Will Taste Very Different Very Soon

A big change is coming to some of your favorite and most familiar treats.

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Jason Bateman Played the Straight Man When His Kid Asked about the Easter Bunny

Jason Bateman is ever the straight man, even when it comes to questions about Santa, the Easter Bunny and more.

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This Common Stroller Hack Can Actually Be Super Dangerous In the Heat

This simple trick could do far more harm than good.

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7 Refreshing Ways to Keep the Family Cool When It’s Super Hot Out

Here’s how to keep you and the kiddos cool on those sweltering summer days.

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No, It’s Not Mom Brain—It’s Probably the Heat

Science says that extreme heat may actually affect the way your brain works.

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This Simple Hack Is the Fastest Way to Cool Off Your Car In Summer Heat

Luckily there are some simple steps you can take to beat the heat.

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One Cool Thing: Sweat and Milk

This company, founded by an LA mom and yogi, is a hidden gem for nursing mamas looking to fit in fitness.

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20 Things Your Mom Was Right About

We asked a panel of moms to share the one thing that their mom really did know best.

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5 Real Tips for Winning Your Kids’ Wake Up Routine

Late for drop off yet again, the school morning routine has you breaking a sweat by sunrise. It’s time to seize the day.

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This Gym Motivation App Will Pay You To Work Out

This app could be just the right motivation you need to get moving.

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Moms, You Have to Try This Carrie Underwood-Inspired Home Workout

Get your sweat on with this equipment-free Fit Body Beats routine set to Carrie Underwood’s “The Champion” (featuring Ludacris).

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Puma & Hello Kitty to Team Up for the Most Kawaii Shoe Collection Ever

The Puma x Hello Kitty For All Time Collection is about to make its debut and you’re going to want one of each.

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This Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video of Kevin Hart’s Wife Is Adorable

Kevin Hart’s wife recently shared an Instagram video that shows off her amazing pregnancy transformation.

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The Scariest Drive of My Life (aka The Day I Drove My Baby Home From the Hospital)

Have you taken your scariest drive yet? If you are a parent, you probably have or if you have taken one of my childbirth prep classes, you know it’s coming.

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The scariest drive of your…

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Babies Who See Their Parents Struggle Learn Perseverance, According to Science

True grit is being developed before tots are even out of diapers.

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