The Best Lessons I Learned About Being a Mom, I Learned From My Dad

Photo: Ivelisse Photography
It’s month 8 of my 1st pregnancy and sh*t is hitting the fan. Let’s imagine it’s that baby green kind that we can all relate to. I’m 3,000 miles away from my family and completely unsure of…

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12 Popits & Fidget Toys You’ll Want to Get Your Hands On

The pencil-topper is going to be the new fave!

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Who You Gonna Call When You See This 10 Foot Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood…

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How to Talk to Boys about Periods & Why It Matters

The goal is to start small and build on that foundational knowledge in a developmentally appropriate way as your child grows—rather than trying to pile on information all at once.

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What It Takes to Raise Socially Aware Children

“I’ve found that boosting my girls’ social awareness, compassion, and empathy boils down to embracing these practices.”

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This LEGO World Art Map Lets You Document Travel Brick by Brick

It has the most pieces ever in a set in LEGO Group history!

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4 Unexpected Life Lessons My Kids Are Learning from Our Dog

I have always been a dog lover. I grew up with a rotating pack of dogs who were way more than pets — they were true members of our family. They went on roadtrips with us, slept in our beds,…

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10 Plants You Can Have Delivered for Mother’s Day

A plant will give the house some life, and there are options out there for everyone from a beginning gardener to a plant lady pro.

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How to Start the Conversation Around Tech With Your Kids

Having “the tech talk” with your kids can be intimidating. Families.google offers free resources to make it easier!

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Is It Autism or a Speech Delay?

“Regardless if your child is delayed only in expressive language or if he is already diagnosed with severe autism, you as a parent can learn to detect and treat delays and help your child to catch up as much as possible.”

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Teaching Your Child About Climate Change

As we struggle to improve our own climate literacy, the inundation of messaging on the topic has made it more important than ever to start the conversation about climate change and global warming with our children.

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mom and baby

How My Son’s Diagnosis Taught Me More about Myself

“My entire life was changed two years ago by one word. But it’s the best change that could have happened to me.”

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Losing & Finding Joy

“I hold tight to the fact that I know I’m not the only one. I am not alone in the challenge of mothering. I continue to remind myself that this is not forever. And It may take a little work, but if I look hard enough, I can always find the joy.”

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5 Tips for Moms Dealing with Divorce

“If you’re in the throes of divorce, it may be difficult—if not impossible—to see a silver lining in such a mess. Yet, it’s important to remember that you’re doing this for your kids if nothing else. “

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Don’t Call Her “Bossy.” She’s a Leader—& She Might Be a Budding Entrepreneur

Photo: Joseph Gonzalez via Unsplash
Ask a little girl what they want to be when they grow up and you’ll get a variety of answers, many of them similar—fireman, dancer, doctor, singer, pilot, maybe a mommy or a police officer. You’d…

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5 Easy Ways to Support your Girl Scout During the Busy Cookie Season

Photo: iStock
Moms and dads, start your engines—literally. It’s just about time to load up the car and start moving those boxes of cookies that fans clamor for year after year, right around this time. 
With visions of shortbread, chocolate…

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27 Great Conversation Starters for Honest Family Discussions

Here’s how to go beyond, “How was school?” when talking with your kids.

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Gift Ideas for Mom’s Wishlist

Gifts that mom will love!

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Review: Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Talking Thomas

Got a little train lover at home? This is the set for them! Check out what our friends at the Toy Insider have to say about it.

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shopDisney’s Top 15 Holiday Toys List Is Packed with Magic

The holidays are on the way––how’s your wish list shopping going? To help parents find the hottest toys this year, shopDisney has revealed the 2020 Top 15 Holiday Toys list.
For the third year in a row, Disney is sharing…

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How to Talk with Children & Teens about the Election

“Britannica for Parents offers research-backed suggestions and talking points for families to discuss the 2020 presidential election with their children and teens.”

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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Is Expecting Her Second Child

Titan Jewell is going to be a big brother.

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Pop Quiz: Are You Winning at Pandemic Parenting?

“If you answered yes to most or even some of these, your kids are good hands. You are already doing the most important things during this new and bazaar situation that we are still trying to figure out how to handle.”

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The More You Talk to Your Babies, the Smarter They’ll Be as Teens, New Study Finds

Having conversations with your baby before they can talk can have a life-long impact.

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The Day I Realized Why I Shouldn’t Silence My Daughter

“Maybe it was a part of me finally waking up. That part of me that has trouble taking a compliment without deflecting it or negating it. That part that reflexively says, ‘I’m sorry’ when someone bumps into me. That part that stays quiet when I’m hurt because I don’t want to cause a fuss. That part.”

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Small Builds for Big Conversations

LEGO Wants to Help Parents Talk About Online Safety

They are employing a “Build & Talk” approach.

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Co-Parenting Peacefully during a Pandemic? It’s Possible

“Children will frequently test boundaries and rules—a united front in co-parenting is crucial.”

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Teachers Aren’t Responsible for Saving Our Country

“The pressure on teachers to keep kids safe through sanitary steps, proper mask-wearing, and socially distancing is tremendous making the main function of school—teaching academic content to children—nearly impossible.”

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girl on laptop

Your Kids Can Create with the Story Pirates This Summer

Kids will enjoy personalized interactive activities all month long

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5 Everyday Things Seattle Families Can Do to Encourage Diversity

If recent events have left you feeling overwhelmed, heartbroken and uncertain, here are five simple things Seattle families can do to be intentional about race and diversity any day of the week.

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