13 Totally Free Math Worksheets for Kids

There’s a color-by-number here!

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11 Important Things Every Son Needs to Hear from Their Dad

These important life lessons can help shape a boy into becoming a courageous, honorable, and kind man.

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How to Support a Mama Grieving Her Miscarriage

Photo: Briana Tozour via Unsplash
Authors’s Note: The following article is about miscarriage. Currently, many who suffer miscarriages suffer alone and those who do share their stories often aren’t met with the support they need. This is a PSA as…

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Be an LGBTQ+ Ally: 10 Phrases to Stop Using Today

Stop saying these phrases and help break the chain of hurtful speech.

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Is America Returning to Normal? The Proof Is in the Pudding

With a return to normal slowly becoming a reality, American’s shopping patterns are telling a unique story. It’s no secret that over the past year, everyone’s shopping habits changed drastically, but the biggest indicator that we are turning a corner…

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Why Parenting a Three-Year-Old Is So Hard

“They will yell at you for giving them the wrong color cup. Without ever telling you what color cup they wanted in the first place.”

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From Survival Mode to Thriving

“I remember that for so long I just got up day after day putting one foot in front of the other just doing but not really understanding where we were going or if it truly will get better. Just in survival mode really.”

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Helping Kids Understand the Difference between Tattling vs. Reporting

“There’s a difference between tattling and reporting. When kids understand the difference, they are more likely to report unsafe situations and real trouble.”

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11 Phrases That Will Get Your Kids to Listen (No Joke!)

If there’s one thing parents learn rather quickly, it’s that the words “kid” and “listen” are not always compatible.

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30 Phrases That Will Change a Kid’s Day (for the Better)

We know that positive words for kids will go a long way in helping boost their confidence and making their lives a happier place.

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Why Sharing Your True Motherhood Story Really Matters

“In a world inundated with picture-perfect posts, matching outfits, and gushing gratitude…those women who experience life and motherhood differently can feel like something is wrong with them.”

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My Baby Failed Her Genetic Screen. Here’s What Happened Next

“My doctor kept talking, but my brain only heard the words ‘abnormal’ and ‘spina bifida.’ What this would mean for our family?”

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Michele Obama’s Bestseller Is “Becoming” a Kid’s Book

We’re raising the next generation of leaders and this book is just for them!

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That One Night

Photo: Catherine Myman Kaplan
We spend most of our children’s lives telling them not to take anything from strangers and definitely do not go to their homes. Except once a year when it becomes totally okay to do those two…

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7 Reasons Not to Reveal Your Baby’s Name in Advance

So now it is up to you and I ask you… will you or won’t you tell that baby’s name?

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Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Welcomes 2021 with a Sweet Deal

If there’s anything we deserve after the year we’ve had, it’s more donuts.

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Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate Announces First Pregnancy

She announced the big news on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”.

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A Letter to My Middle Child

“Sometimes it’s hard to be sandwiched in between two siblings who both require a significant amount of time and attention.”

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How to Honor the Real Story of Thanksgiving with Kids

“While, it’s essential that we help our children become more attuned to inequality and injustice, telling the true story of Thanksgiving doesn’t have to undermine our practice of sharing gratitude.”

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What’s the Right Age to Stop Reading Bedtime Stories? The Answer Might Surprise You

There’s no denying the bedtime story is a powerful ritual, but when do most parents stop reading to their children?

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Tiny Birth Stories

Here are five birth stories that will have you laughing, crying and nodding your head in solidarity. 

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Mom, Are Dead People Dead Forever?

“It can be scary, but being honest with our kids is always a better route than dressing everything up with fairytales and marshmallows. So here is how I answered the question about whether or not dead people are dead forever.”

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This Is Halloween: 20+ Freaky-Fun Facts about the Spookiest Holiday

Ever wonder where many of our Halloween traditions came from? The answer is easy: Ireland.

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Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling Secretly Welcomed a Baby During Quarantine

The new baby joins big sister Katherine.

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How I Told My Kids I Was Diagnosed with Cancer

“As a two-time cancer survivor, wife, and mom of three children, here are some of my thoughts about ‘telling the kids’ based on my experiences.”

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6 Strategies to Stop Siblings Fights & Restore the Peace

“Siblings fight, but they can learn to work it out, makeup, and get their needs met. The important thing is to stay calm and help each child verbalize feelings without throwing a fit or a fist.”

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LOL! 20 Jokes for San Diego Kids

Where do waffles go on vacation? Find out by reading this hilarious list of laugh-out-loud funny jokes that San Diego kids will love.

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Shake Shake Camp Box

Shake Shack Launches Shack Camp Today

The Shack Camp Box includes six weeks worth of activities.

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Dead to Me

Netflix Announces Third Season of “Dead to Me”

This will be the show’s final season.

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See In Black

Black Photographers Share Powerful Images in Honor of Juneteenth

All proceeds will go to support a larger mission affecting Black Americans.

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