This New Platform Puts Expert Mental Health Care for Your Kids At Your Fingertips

No matter how many parenting books or advice columns you read, it can be challenging to navigate emotions and stages and to know what is “normal” for our kids. That’s where this first-of-its-kind service, Little Otter, comes in! Little Otter …

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Netflix For Travel: Tripadvisor Plus Subscription Service Launches With Huge Savings

Exclusive deals on hotels, rental cars and all sorts of adventures!

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child with tablet

10 Super Comic Creation Apps for Kids

These apps are easy to use, interactive and perfect for personalizing your family photos or giving school projects a fun twist.

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The Hard Truth about Working at Home with a Baby

“Think working from home with a baby sounds like a dream? Well, wait until you read this.”

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100 Easy Ways to Be Kinder, Starting Now

Foster your child’s innate compassion and make the world better with easy little things you can do any day of the week.

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I Tried the New Family Setup Feature on Apple Watch & Here’s What I Really Think

“Our life has changed dramatically in the last year, and I never thought an Apple Watch would be such a lifeline.”

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The Modern Rules of Sharing, Mom Style

“This phenomenon of losing stuff is not limited to my phone. How many of you have lost your bathroom privacy, hairbrush, or even your own bed to your child?”

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New Llama Llama Book to Debut in May

Llama’s is getting a new babysitter.

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Too Tired to Read? 7 Shortcuts for Bedtime Read-alouds

“Even if you’re wiped out, there are so many different ways to enjoy words and pictures with your little one.”

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Top 4 Tech Tools for Connecting Families during the Holidays

“Looking for new ways to share holiday cheer with family and friends, near and far? These suggestions will help you stay connected.”

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Goody App

New Virtual Gifting App Launches Just in Time for Holidays

Giving a gift is as easy as sending a text.

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Last-Minute Ways to Make This Thanksgiving Sweet for Kids (and Us)

“No matter how or with whom you’re celebrating this Thanksgiving, here are some easy, last-minute ways to infuse it with a little extra meaning and connection.”

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29 Hilarious Halloween Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Parenting

These memes pretty much sum up parenting this time of year.

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New “Llama Llama” Book to Debut This November

Looks like Llama Llama has a wiggly tooth!

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Introduce Your Little Ones to New Board Books Featuring Llama Llama & Spot

These classic characters are here with new adventures.

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Costco Prescription Delivery

Instacart & Costco Are Now Delivering Prescriptions Nationwide

Select a delivery time and receive your order as fast as same-day. 

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This Affordable Cell Phone Service Works for the Whole Family

Twigby is a low-cost wireless services that’s a great option for tweens and teens.

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Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Launches Two Initiatives During the COVID-19 Crisis

Consumers can still purchase Girl Scout Cookies and girls can access Girl Scout programming from home.

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Research Reveals the Truth about Why “Smart” Kids Cheat

Photo: klimkin via Pixabay
When I was in graduate school I worked as a teaching assistant for various professors in the department. This job entailed the usual responsibilities—grading papers, helping students with assignments and the like.
One particular semester I was…

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Mom Receives Hilarious Text about Her Kid & We Can’t Stop Laughing

Let’s just say there’s a birthday suit involved.

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6 Ways Kids Can Celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day

National Random Act of Kindness Day is a great opportunity to show kids all the ways they can have fun creating and sharing kindness.

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You Really Can Have a Successful Holiday with Teens: Here’s How

The holidays are different with older kids and teens but they don’t have to be any less fulfilling for you as a parent. Here’s how to enjoy every moment you get to spend together all while dialing down your expectations.

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Yo Ho Ho! How to Call the Santa Hotline This Year

We’ve got the scoop on the free hotline you can call right now to leave a message for Santa.

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santa phone text

Here’s How to Send a Text Message to Santa & Get a Response

Send a text message direct to the North Pole.

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When Domestic Violence Happens to Someone You Know

​​​​​​​October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you are experiencing domestic violence, or think someone you know might be, please know there is help. You are not alone. Call the national domestic abuse hotline for help and resources.

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The 15 Texts I Wish My Teens Would Send Me

While it might be nice to hear from my teens every now and then letting me know that they appreciate all the things I do for them, in the meantime, I’ll keep being their loving and supportive dad however they choose to communicate with me.

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