Wonder-ful! Gal Gadot Announces Birth of Third Daughter, Daniella

She and husband Jaron Varsano welcome their third child together!

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Why I Refuse to Buy Barbies for My Daughters

“Now that I’m a 30-something with young impressionable daughters of my own, I am determined that they have a doll who looks more like them.”

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To the Mother of a Child with a Disability This Mother’s Day

“Some of you may have never even heard your child call you ‘Mom.’ But they know you are Mom.”

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christina milian

Christina Milian & Matt Pokora Welcome Baby Boy

Singer Christina Milian recently announced the birth of her third child.

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To the Mom Going through a Diagnosis during a Global Pandemic

“While others are fighting for toilet paper off the shelves, and others are angry that their travel plans have come to halt, our worries become much bigger, and yet feel so little to the rest of the world.”

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Do This at Home to Raise Kids That Do Good

“Children model what they live and experience. It goes without saying that kindness in the home translates to kindness outside of the home.”

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Why I See Labels Not Limits

“That label got my son everything he needed and more. That label took away his limitations. It gave him a fighting chance.”

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An Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching Children Gratitude

“In my professional expert opinion, most children want to be helpful and show appreciation, it’s the way children’s brains are wired. Being thankful is intrinsically motivating, which is behavior that is driven by internal reward.”

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18 Tips for Raising Grateful Kids

Show your little ones how to be thankful every day of the year.

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Choosing to See the Joy in Autism

“As this holiday season is upon us, I could choose to be sad, to be mad, to be angry for what could have been or what I wanted—instead, I can choose to seek the joy in what is, in the moments that matter, and cherish what we have.”

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The Meaning of Gratitude to a Special Needs Parent

“Finding beauty and joy within the chaos isn’t easy but it’s possible.”

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The Day I Finally Lost It

“Everything felt hard today. I couldn’t prioritize or make the right decisions. So I walked and I cried. And I never cry. I just don’t, ever. But today, I couldn’t fight it.”

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Last-Minute Ways to Make This Thanksgiving Sweet for Kids (and Us)

“No matter how or with whom you’re celebrating this Thanksgiving, here are some easy, last-minute ways to infuse it with a little extra meaning and connection.”

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girl coloring, crayons, crafts, printable, drawing

31 Free Thanksgiving Activity Pages That’ll Keep the Kids Busy

Your kids can color, match, and play their way until it’s turkey time with these great activity sheets.

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Caribu Holiday Bundles

Stay Connected This Holiday Season With Caribu

Enjoy tons of activities including coloring sheets, puzzles, mazes and more.

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Hello Bello Turkey Box

Get Ready for Thanksgiving with Hello Bello’s Turkey Bundle Diaper Boxes

The limited-edition November box can be easily transformed right before your eyes.

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Thanksgiving To-Go Options for a COVID-Safe Holiday

Check out our handy guide for ordering your hassle-free Turkey Day meal to go.

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14 Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas You Can Totally Pull Off

These awesome ideas will make you (almost) want a spot at the kids’ table.

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Books That Teach Kids about Thankfulness & Gratitude

“These stories ground abstract concepts like gratitude and perseverance in examples of real people who rise above adversity, benefit from the generosity of others, discover beauty in places or cultures unlike their own, or discover the pleasure of even small acts of generosity.”

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A Different Kind of Cat Grooming Salon

Photo: Janet Coburn
I do so love to watch cats grooming themselves. I find it hypnotic and soothing – the smooth play of muscles as they twist and stretch, the sensual splayed toes, the darting little pink tongue, the occasional glimpse of…

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Kevin and Eniko Hart

Kevin & Eniko Hart Welcome Daughter

Eniko announced on Instagram that she had given birth on Tuesday.

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Disney Dreamin' for Kids Music Day

The Grammy Museum Presents Matthew Morrison’s Disney Dreamin’ for Kids Music Day

Over a dozen celebrity artists are showing their support for music education as Kids Music Day Ambassadors.

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Welcome Daughter

The little girl arrived this past weekend.

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Sweet Fall Decor You Can Find on Amazon Right Now

We searched everyone’s favorite online shop and found plenty of things to give your abode cozy vibes in no time.

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Tiny Chef

The Tiny Chef Releases New Picture Book

The Tiny Chef has lost his recipe book.

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shopping bag

These Major Retailers Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving This Year

Some stores are opting to stay closed for the holiday.

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Finding Joy and Humor in Raising a Child on the Spectrum

“Life is not easy having a child on the spectrum, but having a positive attitude and learning to laugh at the little things certainly makes it better. “

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Melissa Rauch Welcomes Second Child

The new baby joins big sister, Sadie.

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Your Mother’s Day Photo Could Win You and a Friend Free Chocolate for a Year!

Join the campaign to get Mom in the picture with this awesome photo contest.

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25 Ways to Engage Your Toddler in the Season of Giving

In the spirit of giving, here are 25 Advent Acts of Kindness that even your toddler can do.

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Here’s How I Have a Zero-Stress Holiday and So Can You

“I believe we can all have a great holiday season—one that we fully enjoy without having an adult tantrum. So here are some tips on how to make this holiday season your best yet.”

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This Is What Happened When Kristen Bell Shared “Frozen” Spoilers with Her Kids

It’s not easy to have a famous mom—especially when she’s the starring voice of Disney’s much-anticipated Frozen 2.
Kristen Bell recently revealed that she dished the details of the upcoming blockbuster to her kiddos. During an interview on SiriusXM radio,…

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Loving the Imperfect Family Vacation

Exposing our kids to new and different things is a valuable and worthwhile undertaking. But isn’t the real point of a family vacation just spending time together?

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