Everyone Out! Atlanta Escape Rooms for Families

For family fun, adventure, thrills, and teamwork, head to a local Atlanta escape room.

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51 Totally Goofy Birthday Jokes for Kids

Got a birthday coming soon to your household? These adorable jokes are perfect for birthday cards, lunch notes and just general laughs.

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DockATot’s New Lineup Is Stylish Parent Goals

It’s not just about baby docks anymore.

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44 Jolly Holiday Jokes for Kids

You’re gonna’ sleigh with these hilarious jokes that are totally kid-approved.

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11 San Diego Inspired Kids Costumes for Halloween

Wondering what the trick is to finding the perfect Halloween costume for your SoCal kid? Well, we’ve got a treat for you…

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man with remote

IMDb Helps Parents By Curating a List of Educational Movies

The watchlist includes many educational picks for kids.

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10 Surprising Things You Can Do with Cereal (Besides Eat It for Breakfast)

National Cereal Day is the perfect excuse to have fun with something you’ve already got in your pantry. Go on, be a cereal monogamist today.

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Toy Story 4

“Toy Story 4” & 28 Others Coming to Disney+ This Month

The wait for Toy Story 4 on Disney+ is almost over.

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LEGOS, Life Lessons, and My Little Lady

Photo: Shelley Massey
My daughter. She’s a wily one. Born smack in the middle of two boys with a mom who cares more that she gets in a good run than a good manicure, my tender bloom is equal parts girly-girl…

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Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego? On Google Maps, Apparently

Chase the thief in red across the world from your laptop!

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The “Carmen Effect” Explains Why Your Kids Will Love Netflix’s New Carmen Sandiego

If you love red hats and trench coats, you’ve probably felt the Carmen Effect.

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All the Kids Shows & Movies Coming to Netflix in January 2019

Netflix’s “Carmen Sandiego” finally gets a long-awaited premiere date.

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Netflix’s First Look at New Carmen Sandiego Cartoon Is Here & WOW

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? On Netflix, that’s where!

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Holiday Hacks for Happiness! Tricks and Reduce Your Stress

Do you find that it gets to a date in December and it’s like someone’s flicked a switch and suddenly hours seem to melt away and yet your to-do lists get longer?
Put a clip in the madness and try…

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These Easy, Stress-Free Tips Helped Our Family Move on a Budget

We are moving house and it is a logistical nightmare. We are shifting to our very first farm, which is 45 minutes from where we are currently living, and we are not hiring a removalist. When I think about shifting…

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8 Games to Teach Your Kids a Thing or Two

Make your next family game night an edutaining one.

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Food Halls Are LA’s Best Way to Feed the Fam

Food Halls are a dining trend parents of picky eaters can embrace. Discover the best in LA!

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Mouthwatering BBQ Your Kids Love

Summertime weather calls for BBQ! If it’s too hot to grill at home, we’ve got 6 spots that will delight the whole crew.

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A K.I.S.S.* For Father’s Day (*Keep It Simple, Silly)

Forget the last-minute shopping; what Dad really wants is family time. Here are our top 5 easy ideas to celebrate together, while enjoying the best of what LA has to offer.

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A Video Game Where We Take Care of A Baby? No Thanks

So here are the highlights from a press release that arrived today,
“A Facebook game for moms! Baby & Me is a brand new social game everyone will love. Create your own virtual baby and mom and live the life…

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