Dunkin’ & Girl Scout Cookies Have Teamed Up for a Delish, Drinkable Collab

Get your fave Girl Scout Cookie flavors in a Dunkin’ iced coffee.

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These Special Cookies Are on a Mission!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—Girl Scout cookie time! We know how delicious those cookies are but did you know just how much good they do? The Girl Scout Cookie Program® prepares girls with the business smarts they need to take on the world! Fun fact: The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world. 

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K-Swiss & the Girl Scouts Team Up for a Sweet Sneaker Collab

Show your love of the cookies in a whole new way.

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Girl Scout Cookies

What You Need to Know About This Year’s Girl Scout Cookie Season

Nationwide online cookie ordering will be available Feb. 1.

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Toast Yay!

New French Toast–Inspired Girl Scout Cookie Joins Lineup

This french toast–inspired cookie will be available in select areas.

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6 Eateries Offering Free Curbside Kid Meals

Feed the kids for free and support DC restaurants with these meals to-go. Bonus: some even throw in a roll of TP!

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The 8 Best Girl Scout Cookie & Wine Pairings—as Tested by Us

Forget the milk and enjoy your fave cookies with a more adult beverage. We made the sacrifice and tried a variety of wine (and cookies) to bring you the perfect pairing.

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Have You Tried the New Girl Scout Cookies Yet?

You can get your first taste very soon.

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Parental Privilege to Hypocrisy, Top 10

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photography
Dear Confessional,
I admit it. I’m a complete hypocrite. I’m not afraid to say it, and a part of me believes that I truly deserve it. The “practice what you preach” philosophy is ok to a…

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Still Need Girl Scout Cookies? This Weekend Is Your Best Bet to Get ‘Em

This is the best time to score your Girl Scout Cookie fix.

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Where Can You Buy Girl Scout Cookies This Year? Cookie Season Has Arrived

Thin Mints, Samoas and Trefoils, oh my! The tastiest time of the year has arrived.

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Girl Scout Cookies Are Coming to Dunkin’ & You Can Get a Sneak Peek Now

Girl Scout Cookie season is just around the corner…and Dunkin’ has your Thin Mint fix and more.

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4 Copycat Girl Scout Cookies You Can Get at Whole Foods

Enjoy Girl Scout Cookie taste-a-likes all year long!

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7 Perfect Girl Scout Cookie Copycats at Trader Joe’s to Satisfy Your Cravings

Now you can enjoy the amazingness of Girl Scout cookies all year long.

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Whole Foods

10 New Whole Foods Products to Heat Up Your Summer BBQs & Pool Parties

Check out our roundup of sweet and savory eats and treats that the entire family will totally enjoy.

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Whole Foods to Sell Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Chickpea Snacks

Who’s ready for a healthier version of their favorite cookie?

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Jennifer Garner Is Every Mom Selling Girl Scout Cookies This Time of Year

It’s cookie time, even for celeb moms with daughters in the Girl Scouts

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What Will Be 2018’s Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie?

Of the millions of cookies sold, this one remains the most popular.

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The New Girl Scout Cookie Product Is What?!

Can’t wait for your favorite cookie flavors to go on sale in March? Now you don’t have to.

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That’s Amore! Say Ciao to These 5 Gelato Spots

Read our guide for where to take the famiglia to ‘ciao’ down on the best gelato in town—it’s an offer you can’t refuse.

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Dear Girl Scouts, I Will Buy Your Cookies On One Condition…

Photo: Annmarie Kelly-Harbaugh
Resolutions, shmesolutions. It’s Girl Scout Cookie time.

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Who doesn’t love Samoas with that chocolate and caramel mix? You have not lived until you’ve dunked Trefoils in cocoa or chased a peanut…

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FaLaLa! Learn 2 Girl Scouts Songs

Your mission today is to learn two Girl Scouts songs. Take a listen here!

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Today Is Girl Scout’s Day



Today Is Girl Scout’s Day

Did somebody say thin mints?


Trick, ahem, inspire your kids to get in on the household chores
by earning badges.


In case you can’t track down a sweet Scout cookie purveyor,…

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New Girl Scout Cookie for 2017

Move over, Thin Mints. There’s a new cookie in town.

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Trending Now: 5 Stories from the Spoke Contributor Network

Here are five must-read stories we spotted this week from our Spoke Contributor Network.

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Pay it Forward: Random Acts of Kindness Week

Want to get the kiddos away from thinking it’s all about “me?” Participate in Random Acts of Kindness, in San Diego style!

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girl scout daisy troop

First Comes Kindergarten, Next Comes Girl Scouts

Badges, cookies and friends, oh my! Sure, Girl Scouts is fun, but for the last 100 years this organization has cultivated leadership skills and a love of community service in girls of every racial, ethnic, socioeconomic or religious background, from…

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