21 Ways to Host an Outdoor Movie Night

We have plenty of inspiration for your cinematic soirée, from decor ideas to irresistible snack options

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Survey Says: *This* Is the Most Magical Time of the Year

Over half of the survey respondents agree.

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Tiny Birth Stories: 5 Different Experiences of Being Induced

Here are five birth stories about inductions that will have you laughing, crying and nodding your head in solidarity. 

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The Wiggles

Get Your Wiggle on with a New Song Celebrating Diversity

The Wiggles are celebrating their 30th anniversary.

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When Christmas Looks Different From What You Imagined

“In a way, I guess you could say my Grinch heart is growing because for once, we have some hope in enjoying Christmas.”

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KIDZ BOP Introduces Resources to Keep Kids Engaged & Active

They will host playlists with warm up, brain break, cool down, study time and gym jams.

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A Reimagining of “Doogie Howser, M.D” Is Coming to Disney+

“Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.” is coming to the streaming service in 2021.

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The Scoop on Williams Sonoma’s New Celebrity-Designed Products

Invite some of your fave celebs into your kitchen with this new line from Williams Sonoma.

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remote work

FlexJobs Highlights Top 30 Companies Hiring for Flexible Schedule Jobs

A flexible schedule job allows workers to be in control of the hours they work.

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Cue the Nostalgia, a LEGO NES Console Is Coming

Recreate your favorite Super Mario experiences from your childhood.

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Fresh Air Time: Miami’s Best Hikes for Kids

Pack up the hiking backpack and the kids, we’ve got the hikes for you!

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5 Simple Ways Parents Can Help Little Ones Wrangle Their Big Emotions

When we help our children develop these invaluable skills, we are giving them tools for life.

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Don’t Feel Like Making Dinner? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty about Ordering In

You’re not the first parent to order delivery, nor will you be the last.

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These Teeth Regrown from Stem Cells Could Put the Tooth Fairy Out of Business

These research results could be a huge breakthrough for dental health.

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Parents Want This More than a High-Paying Salary, According to New Study

A big paycheck is nice, but this is much better, according to a survey of parents.

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Most Dads Feel They Don’t Spend Enough Time with Their Kids & Here’s Why

Recent data from the Pew Research Center reveals that more than half of all dads feel that they aren’t spending enough time with their children.

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10 Classic Games Every Kid Should Master

Win your next all-family night (grandma & grandpa too!) with our picks for games that never go out of style.

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Sharing Is Caring: Research Shows Splitting Parental Duties Is Key to a Happy Marriage

According to this latest study, couples who share the housework and parenting duties tend to be happier.

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New Study Shows 1 in 5 Working Parents Can’t Tuck Their Child into Bed

According to a recent study, technology could make it easier to connect with your kids.

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Watch This Cool Soap-Powered Science Trick I Taught My Kids When the Babysitter Bailed

Photo: Jenny Ballif
A couple months ago I had one of those afternoons where two friends needed emergency babysitters at the same time. The weather was bad for outside play, and we had seven kids cooped up indoors, ages 3…

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A New Service Delivers Groceries to Your Hotel Room

This new program makes traveling with picky eaters a breeze.

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Why Moms Were the Real Winners at the NFL Draft

These moms took the spotlight during the 2017 NFL Draft.

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Ford Created A Smart Crib That Makes Your Baby Feel Like You’re On A Car Ride

A car company just invented the world’s most amazing baby crib.

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What Your 3-Year-Old *Really* Wants You to Know

Photo: Colin Reed
It’s well established in the parenting world and in humanity as whole that no two people are exactly the same. This is no different with small children and obviously rings true when talking about parents as well.…

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Just When I thought She No Longer Needed Me

Photo: Kara Zajac
Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud.
I look up from my nestled place, wrapped in flannel sheets, my headlamp shining a single beam of light as I read Jennifer Weiner’s new memoir in the dark. Everyone else is…

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The Way it Never Was: A Parenting Fairy Tale

Photo: Pixabay
My daughter Darcy and I have a nice little routine when I pick her up from first grade. I let her play around the school yard with her friends for a half an hour or so and on…

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Hilarious Parenting Tweets of the Week

From the soccer carpool to the never-ending assortment of mismatched socks, sometimes there are days when you’ve only got a few seconds (or 140 characters) to get in a good giggle. Well, sit back and get ready to scroll because…

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Peace Out: Ways to Celebrate International Day of Peace

In honor of International Day of Peace, we’ve got simple ways your kiddos can help keep the peace.

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It’s Back! A Christmas Story You Gotta See

If visions of Red Ryder BB guns, Bumpass hounds, and leg lamps glowing in the window dance through your Christmas dreams, then we’ve got the inside scoop on a ticket your whole fam will love.

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