These Pop-Tarts Are Packing Some Sweet Summer Vibes

Your fave dessert is now in a Pop-Tart form!

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33 Foods That ’80s Kids Will Recognize

Feast your eyes on our favorite foods from the ’80s, but be warned, hunger pangs and strong nostalgic cravings are ahead.

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Mean Girls Toaster Strudel

“Mean Girls” Toaster Strudel Is So Fetch!

Gretchen Wieners would be so proud.

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Pop Into These Local Bakeries for an Old School Treat

Looking for a taste of nostalgia? Bakeries across the D.C. metro area are reinventing the classic pop tart by churning out freshly made versions in flavors that you and kiddo will love.

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The New Pop-Tarts Pretzel Is the Perfect Salty Sweet Combo for Snack Time

Snack time just got a tasty makeover with this brand new flavor combo from Pop-Tarts.

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Eggo Waffle Cereal Is Making a Comeback

This breakfast favorite will have you shouting, “Leggo my cereal!”

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Kellogg’s Has “Frozen 2” Eggos & Breakfast Is Now Complete

These frozen “Frozen” treats will make your kiddo’s breakfast their fave meal and are here just in time for the sequel’s debut.

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The Pioneer Woman Has Her Very Own Barbie Doll (& Here’s Where to Get It)

This very special Barbie comes with a very special dream kitchen.

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A Family Vacation for Just $30? These zulily Week of Wow Deals Are Ridic

Get big savings and the chance to score deep discounts during zulily’s Thrill Week.

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6 New Smithsonian Museum Exhibits The Kids Will Love

Just in time for summer break the Smithsonian museums have some awesome new exhibits that kids 10 and under will love (and so will their parents).

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This Is What It’s Really Like to Have a Kid with Celiac Disease

Just over a year ago, we found out that our son has celiac disease. Celiac has many different symptoms and ways of showing its ugly head.  Our story is different from many others because Parker has silent celiac. His kind…

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tweets of the week

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: February 2, 2018

A new week, a new series of hilarious tweets to keep us laughing through the weekend.

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34 Reasons Being a Parent Is the Absolute Best

Fancy cars and posh estates are fine and dandy, but there’s nothing we’re more grateful for than being parents.

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These Are 50 of the Best Trader Joe’s Products You Should Try to Celebrate Their Anniversary

These are the greatest things you can buy at Trader Joe’s, according to its customers and crew.

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Unplugged Eats: 3 Meals that Don’t Require Appliances

You don’t have to serve up cereal for dinner in order to unplug. We’ve got three great recipes you can make without a single appliance.

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How I Learned to Worry Less and Start Living A Fuller Life

I have been contemplating committing to a worry free life. Lofty wouldn’t you say? But imagine. Imagine the Freedom. Imagine the Joy. Imagine the Peace that would bring me.
I am a person with a natural bend towards anxiety. Is…

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Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Roll of Asswipes…and Other Bad Valentines

I personally hate the let down that is Valentine’s Day. Apparently these people really hate it too…or they hate their partners. Why else would you buy these gifts for that special someone?

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If you buy…

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3 Herbs and Spices Vastly Improve Flavor

It is amazing how easy it can be to add a lot of flavor to food. That may sound obvious, but we often eat the very same food, prepared the very same way, over and over again. Yet, with the…

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Take Apart Ordinary Household Items for Tinker Day (Trust Us, It’s Fun!)

Today is Tinker Day and you can keep those little hands busy by dissecting one or more of these common items.

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BLTA (It’s Vegan!)

This vegan twist on a traditional favorite will leave your taste buds satisfied and your body feeling good!

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Sweetie Pie Quesadilla

You’ll never go back to your regular quesadilla recipe after trying this one, courtesy of Katie Morford of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook.

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