At What Age Can I Potty Train My Child?

“Establishing healthy potty use and attitudes from an early age is beneficial to your child, on so many levels. Parents: You get to choose, from birth, whether to train your baby into using the diaper as a full-time toilet, or using the toilet as a full-time toilet.”

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How Do I Tell My Only Child They’re Getting a Sibling?

Photo: littlefolksbigquestions.com
Before answering this question, I always begin by asking a parent to imagine what it would be like if their spouse or partner made an announcement one day, out of the blue, that went something like this: 

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Potty-Training Parents Need This New Song from The Wiggles

The potty time anthem you’ve been waiting for is here, courtesy of The Wiggles.

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We Make Time for Potty Talk in Our House Every Day. Here’s Why

“Conversations on the toilet are cherished bonding time.”

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Expect Pee Everywhere (and Other Potty Training Truths)

Photo: Marisa Svalstedt
By now everyone has gotten word that potty training is the pits. It isn’t a simple explanation from parent to child while sitting comfortably in Betty Draper’s powder room. In most cases, it involves actual work, and…

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Navigate The Potty Training Journey With These Helpful Tips

Photo: Bambino Mio
Potty training is a tough phase for many parents and children, and some days you might just feel that it’s hopeless. Don’t give up so soon – below are some suggestions for successfully getting through this milestone phase!…

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Why I’m Now OK With Diapers Even If She’s Four-Years-Old


I haven’t been successful with my kids’ potty-training.Whenever I hear unsolicited side comments about my daughter’s inability to stick her butt on the toilet bowl even if she’s four-years-old, I feel bad not just for myself but also…

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