How to Clean Your Kid’s Backpack (because, Ew!)

You’re halfway through the school year and this backpack cleaning hack is going to get you through to the end.

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This Cool New Technology Makes Brushing Fun!

Colgate’s new hum Kids smart toothbrush combines fun augmented reality games with learning how to be a better brusher.

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Brushing Goes High-Tech with Colgate’s Hum Kids

Make brushing your kiddos teeth as fun as possible.

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The Basics of Brushing Baby’s Teeth & Gums

Even before your baby’s first tooth breaks through, you should start an oral hygiene routine. Here’s how.

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13 Surprising Ways to Repurpose Old Toys

Don’t toss out that rusty tricycle just yet—we’ve got great ideas on how to turn your old things into something awesome and new.

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5 Things Every Parent Should Know about the Tooth Fairy

Discover the best way to handle every question, from what the Tooth Fairy actually does with the teeth to when she “forgets” to make a stop at your house.

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There’s a Singing Baby Shark Toothbrush & Brushing Just Got Fun

Keep those little shark teeth clean with the new electric toothbrush for kids.

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When Her Inner Voice Became Mine

One mom explains how how feelings of inadequacy are inherited from mothers to daughters—and how she’s changing that.

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What Every #HeroMom Keeps in Her Purse

Every mom is a superhero and they know what to tote to come to the rescue.

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Mom’s Viral Post Reveals Kids Have Been Brushing Their Teeth Wrong All Along

Ever wondered why kids’ toothbrushes have different colored bristles? This mom found the answer.

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Funniest Tweets of The Week

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: June 1, 2018

Tweets from parents who are well on their way to the summer crazies.

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funniest tweets of the week

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: May 25, 2018

When you weren’t trying to listen to a robot’s recording of Yanny and Laurel this week (it was SO Yanny), you were probably chasing around the kiddos. But it’s time to sit back and relax. Take some time for yourself…

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purse must haves

12 Items for Under $5 Every Mom Needs in Her Purse

Make sure your purse is stocked with these travel-size items that pack a big punch.

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20 Things You’ll Think During the Third Trimester

Everybody’s pregnancy is different, but some things are universal. Here are 20 things you’ll be thinking during the home stretch.

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The 5 Coolest New Gadgets for Parents at CES2018

From smart toothbrushes to robotic dogs, this year’s conference has a little something for everyone.

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This Company Is Creating a Fun Way for Kids to Brush All Their Teeth at Once

This new sonic toothbrush makes brushing fast, fun and easy.

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3 Things My Grandmother Taught Me About Life

My grandmother was the keeper of secrets and wisdom. She was silent but wise. Without many words, she still taught me so much.
Her silence made her even more fascinating to me – with a certain look in her eyes…

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How Much Time Do Parents Spend Getting Their Kids to Go to Bed? You’ll Be Surprised!

This latest study examined the nighttime routines of 1,000 parents of school-aged children ages 3-12.

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My Preschooler Yelled out “Damn It” and This is How I Reacted

I know that my mom often says “Damn it!” (gently) when she drops things or makes a mistake. I’m not sure I remember it from my childhood though, and certainly didn’t realize I picked up the habit myself until my…

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Why I Root for The Fun Dad

As a kid, it always baffled me how boring and controlling grownups could be. Why did everything have to be so serious? Do people just get less fun as they got older? Not me, I thought. I’m going to be…

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8 Uses for Borax You’ve Never Heard Of

This wonder powder can be used for anything from pest repelling to rug cleaning to deodorizing.

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This Toothbrush Claims to Brush Your Teeth in 10 Seconds

This rod-shaped brush aims to change everything you know about the toothbrush.

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I’m Making Memories with My Daughter…and Leaving a Legacy

Photo: John Flobrant
“Zoey!” I call out, the impatience apparent in my voice. I glance at my watch as I place my daughter’s lunchbox in her backpack.
7:32 a.m. Five minutes until we need to leave.

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8 Hacks Every Mom Needs To Know Using . . . Mouthwash?!

Photo: Pixabay
You probably already know how useful that Listerine can be for keeping your pearly whites clean and stink-free, especially on those mombie mornings when even brushing your teeth seems like an impossible task. Just a quick swish, and…

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How To Brush A Toddler’s Teeth

Photo: pixabay
I have a toddler and before I did, I had a totally different idea on what it took to brush a toddler’s teeth.  I had never been in the trenches before and probably gave not so great advice…

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See Ya, Sugar! A Guide to Halloween Candy Buyback Programs

We’re showing you the money! These programs let your kids trade treats for a little jingle (or gifts!).

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Baby’s First Electric Toothbrush: ISSA Mikro

Finally, after enduring all of the drooling and crankiness of teething, Baby’s first tooth is here! Now what? If you haven’t started brushing yet, now is the time. Lucky for your little, there’s a brand new toothbrush you’ve gotta have: FOREO’s ISSA mikro.

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Research Says Flossing Shows No Benefits– Say What?!

Photo: New York Post
You hear it all the time from the dentist: Floss daily to prevent gum disease and cavities, right? Except a recent investigation by the Associated Press reveals the benefits of dental floss are largely unproven. The…

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8 Ways My Toddler Is Sabotaging Me

Is your toddler actually plotting against you? It may be all in innocent fun but this mom is still learning her lessons.

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In the Name of Clove: Fun Garlic Facts

Garlic. It’s not just for pasta anymore.

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What Happened When a Little Girl Lost Her Lovey at the Airport

In spite of bulging carry-ons and bags stocked with enough snacks to feed the entire passenger list, every parent knows that when traveling with children the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. While fear of a missing toothbrush…

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6 Free Apps to Celebrate Lost Teeth

Here are six apps that will help you celebrate the loss of a tooth.

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Cool Gear That Makes Brushing Teeth Fun

Talking about getting your kids to brush their teeth turns into a chicken-and-egg scenario very quickly. Which came first? Your kids hatred for brushing their teeth? Or your hatred of reminding them to? Don’t think about it too hard —…

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