Bode Miller & Family Announce Baby Girl on the Way

She’s due in November and will join a full house of love.

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Keeping Your Family Safer Near Water This Summer

May is National Water Safety Month, and it’s an important reminder to ensure your children know how to stay safe both in and around the water!

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The Hardy Boys

Hulu Debuts “The Hardy Boys” Trailer

The series will start streaming in December.

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What’s Kitchen Table Kindness & 10 Ways You Can Practice It

“If we are going to be stuck indoors together—and it is increasingly likely that this will happen to many Americans—perhaps we can use this time to spread joy and kindness.”

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The Kids Will Be Okay

“As parents, it’s our duty to protect our children and teach them to do the right thing so that when they become adults, they will remember all the life lessons that we taught them.”

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The Chen Family

San Francsico Teen’s Passion for Pi Raises Funds for the March of Dimes

This amazing teen is using her talents to raise money for a cause close to her heart.

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4 Reasons Why Any Parent Could Forget a Baby in Their Car

It turns out 2018 was the highest year on record for tragic pediatric vehicular heatstroke and experts agree this can happen to even the most devoted parents. Here are four reasons why it can happen to anyone plus one easy solution that can help avoid a potential tragedy.

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Latinx Media Milestones to Inspire Kids During Hispanic Heritage Month

Along with our friends at Common Sense Media, we are proud to recognize these important Latinx media milestones and are looking forward to seeing more achievements in the future.

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How to Introduce the Concept of Charity to Your Kids

Ready to teach your children about the benefits of giving back? These tips will help open the door to a lifetime of good acts.

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The Secret Life of Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes hide a deep complexity. They prepare us for the greater stories and experiences we’ll have throughout our lives.

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I Never Planned to Parent Through Tragedy

But I did and this is what I learned.

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When Did “The Talk” Have to Become about Guns?

“A conversation difficult for adults alone, but now necessary to begin with my daughter.”

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Dear Moms “Oversharing” On Social Media: I See You

“Motherhood is just ‘too much’ sometimes—and I see you.”

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The First Photo of Bode Miller’s Newborn Son Will Move You to Tears

Bode and Morgan Miller welcome the newest member of their family and the profoundly moving moment has been captured on film.

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Was There a Baby Boom After Hurricane Harvey?

It seems the tragedy might have a silver lining.

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This Single Mom Will Graduate Law School with the Help of Her 5 Kids

This mom’s story of triumph is inspiring and has gone viral for the best reasons.

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Every Parent of a Teen Needs to Check Out the notOK App Now More Than Ever

You’ll want to download this app if you’re the parent of a teen.

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Funniest parenting tweets

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: February 16, 2018

Parenting keeps us laughing and this week we needed a few. Here’s this week’s funny parenting tweets from your favorite parenting hashtags.

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If I’m Being Honest, Sometimes I Want to Give up on This Marriage

Sometimes I want to give up on this couple smiling in the photo.

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Sometimes I want to give up on the stability, the memories, the relationship built on 22 years. Sometimes I want to leave…

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This Is How to Teach Your Preschooler about Facts vs. Fiction

By Common Sense Media
Little kids love playing make-believe—and there’s no reason to harsh their mellow. But there comes a time when you have to explain the difference between fact and fiction. Maybe an older sibling put a scary notion…

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Tragedy and Joy: Life as a Small Child

There was a great tragedy in my family the other day. It came suddenly, while I was sitting at the kitchen table and my kids were playing outside. The idyllic quiet of early evening in the country was jarringly broken…

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Sesame Street Is Helping Kids Cope With Trauma

Sesame Street is launching these new tools to help children who experience trauma.

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The True Story of Author A. A. Milne Is Coming to a Theater Near You

This emotional trailer for the brand new movie about author A. A. Milne is going to pull on your heart strings.

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A Tribute To All Of The Moms In My Life

Just when you thought the Mother’s Day posts had to be done, here’s yet another…
What started as a Facebook post ended in a realization…there are soooooo many mothers who have impacted my life, who have taught me how to be a…

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Why I Want My Children To Be Revolutionaries

Photo: pixabay
Life has been hard lately, you guys. Things feel heavy. The news is full of tragedy and loss, the mail is full of bills, and my youngest woke me up this morning by peeing on my pillow.

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Mothers Are Human Beings: We All Make Mistakes

Photo: Photos by Kim Upton
I have a shocking revelation for you. Although we often look like superheroes, mothers are in fact HUMAN! This means that we are fallible, we make mistakes. Yes, all of us! We lose a child…

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Pop Parenting and Latex Mortality

Photo: Man In The Red
Is there any greater metaphor for the frail and fleeting nature of life than that of the balloon? It provides our children with an introduction to the grim spectre of death a little too soon…

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Where For Art Thou, Shakespeare? In the Park, of Course!

Perhaps the closest you get to a theater experience these days is the revamped versions of Annie that are frequently (and conveniently) staged in your living room. (You always get the part of Mrs. Hannigan, right?) Or maybe your last…

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Hot Topic: To Flu Shot or Not To Flu Shot

As you probably heard through the parenting grapevine, last weekend a 5-year old kindergarten student in the Bay Area  died after testing positive for the flu. It remains to be seen whether the flu was actually the cause of death.…

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