These Teen Brothers Launched a Free Tutoring Service for Elementary Kids Struggling During the Pandemic

Alex and Ben Joel were concerned about the anticipated education gap caused by the Pandemic, so they decided to do something about it.

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From the Mom Who Doesn’t Have It All Together

“I hope when I look back at this post a year from now, I can laugh as hard as my neighbor did when I told her this story.”

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Give Virtual Education a Boost with These Online Tutors

If Google Classroom has your child missing one-on-one instruction, check out these online tutors.

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Set up for School Success With These Kid-Approved Home Learning Ideas

“All of these thoughtful preparations will also start positively reinforcing that summer is winding down and a new season is starting—even if it’s going to look a little different this year than last.”

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6 Senior Caregiving Tips in the Time of COVID-19

“Under normal circumstances, the challenges faced by family caregivers are already substantial. During a pandemic, they are unprecedented.”

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Unlikely Students Who Can Benefit from a Tutor

Tutoring not only helps to boost grades and improve test scores, but it allows youngsters to build effective work habits, hone social and behavioral skills and practice self-paced, self-directed learning.

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Parental Privilege to Hypocrisy, Top 10

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photography
Dear Confessional,
I admit it. I’m a complete hypocrite. I’m not afraid to say it, and a part of me believes that I truly deserve it. The “practice what you preach” philosophy is ok to a…

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Side Hustles for Stay-at-Home Moms

Some pretty cool side gigs if you want to make some money while staying-at-home with your kids.

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When It Comes To My Kids’ Academic Success, It’s a Balancing Act

I found a delicate balance between encouraging my teens and pushing too hard.

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13 Work-from-Home Companies to Google Now

What if “going to work” was simply opening up your laptop or walking to another room?

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Re-Imagine Traditional Tutoring with The House

Give a welcome to The House in Glencoe, an all-new, uber-cool approach to tutoring whose design will have you wishing it wasn’t a kid-only zone.

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You Can’t Take Your Kids’ Tests for Them, So Empower Them Instead

“Parent’s can’t take tests for their kids, but they can teach them effective habits to help them succeed.”

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What a Child’s Journey Through Six Schools Taught Me About Empathy

“Mom,” says Sam. “This school is the sixth school that Steven has been to.”

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Knowing that this is Steven’s second year at Sam’s school and that the boys are currently in grade six, I quickly…

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This Mom’s Viral Post About the Invisible Jobs of Parents Is All of Us

There is so much more to being a mom than most people realize.

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One Simple Way I’ve Learned to Make Family Life Happier

In two weeks, I’ll be graduating with my master’s degree in Psychology. Why at 46 did I decide to go back to school? Mid-life crisis reframing was definitely part of it, but I was also compelled to return to school…

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Work-From-Home Jobs Hiring Right Now

These jobs will let you stay at home with your kids while earning extra cash.

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3 Tips to Keep Kids Sharp for School All Summer

Keep your little scholar’s mind fresh over summer break by engaging in these simple, stimulating activities.

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What I Really Want to Say to the Man Talking About “Lazy Teachers”

Photo: Amy Betters-Midtvedt
Dear Gentleman I overheard talking about “those lazy teachers,”
I sat still while you talked to those around you about lazy teachers. I bit my tongue as the room swam before my eyes. I actually experienced seeing…

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Back To School Sucks!

Photo: Elisha Beach
The summer has officially come to an end and the fun filled days of summer camp, rolling down grassy hills, trips to Disneyland and pool parties are over. My Facebook feed is filled with parents celebrating back to…

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Inside the Totally Awesome Educated Nannies

We all know education is important for growing kiddos–but it can also be the extra something that pushes a nanny into rockstar status. That’s the genius behind Educated Nannies, a local business that provides L.A. families with college-educated professional nannies,…

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Get Smart

Today’s lesson: your introduction to an exciting new family band. Meet The Board of Education, whose first cd is about to be released. The Board appeals to all ages. As songwriter and singer Kevin Emerson explains, “There’s no saccharine. The…

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