7 Powerful Things My Daughter Needs to Know Before Middle School

“Every part of you is beautiful and perfect, designed for anything and everything YOU want it to do.”

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remote work

Check out the Top 100 Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs Right Now

FlexJobs annual list also highlights fast-growing careers for remote jobs.

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Books That Inspire the Love of Reading

“Not only does reading enhance a child’s imagination, but it also expands their vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills but most importantly, it develops a love of literature.”

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Ursula Has Her Own Disney Drink & Here’s Where to Get It

The black raspberry float is fit for an evil sea queen.

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Why Are We Celebrating Mediocre Moms?

Photo: Kate Haus Photography
So I was browsing through Parents magazine<emparents doing market research and came across the opening “Note from the Editor” for this particular issue. I was a little confused as I read how she labels herself a mediocre mom…

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All the Kids Shows & Movies Coming to Netflix in January 2019

Netflix’s “Carmen Sandiego” finally gets a long-awaited premiere date.

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Amy Schumer Launches New Clothing Line with Mom-Approved Looks

Amy Schumer is going to be one funny mother—and a well-dressed mama, to boot!

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La Brea Tar Pits: A Park That’s Not the Pits!

Find out why the La Brea Tar Pits is one of our favorite, family-friendly destinations!

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I Gave Birth to My Baby—& My Startup—at the Same Time

“I believe new moms are more motivated than most.”

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The Hottest New Baby Shower Gift? Donating Vacation Time to Expectant Moms

This priceless gift is worth much more than a pair of baby booties.

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This Women Is Donating Her Frozen Embryos For an Incredible Reason

Niki Schaefer, a mom of 2 after IVF, is donating her extra frozen embryos to help others.

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How to Talk to Your Kids about School Lockdown Drills without Scaring Them

It’s a conversation no parent wants to have, but if you have to, here’s what you can tell your child.

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Here’s Why I’m Proud to Be Divorced & No, I’m Not a Failure

I’m not going to hide in the shadows of divorce shame.

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The MOST Binge-Watched Netflix Shows of 2017 Are…

These shows were the most popular on Netflix this year.

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Chipotle Is Adding Drive-Thru Windows

Chipotle-loving parents may soon be able to order their favorite meals without ever having to unbuckle seat belts.

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I Have a Confession: My 5-Year-Old Was Right about Me

The truest reflection of who we are is not held in a mirror but rather in our child’s eyes. They see clearly and vividly what we cannot in a moment’s glance into the glass. They see our emotions, our strengths, our weaknesses, and even those things we try—unsuccessfully—to hide.

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How To Talk To Your Children About Sex (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

Photo: Katatonic28 via Flickr
My college son was home last week for spring break. Imagine my shock when I overheard this exchange between him and his little brother.
“Dude, don’t be an idiot. You have to use protection,” says wise…

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Mom to the rescue when husband’s BBC interview is hilariously crashed by their kids

photo: BBC
Changing diapers and quelling tantrums are certainly vital skills, but one of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn as a parent is: always lock the door. For one unfortunate father this lesson was learned the hard way…

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The Absurdly Magical Trend We’re Loving for 2017: Unicorn Poop!

Has anyone besides me been living under a rock for the last year? When the heck did unicorn poop become an actual thing? Everywhere you turn there is some product made from mystical excrement. Just look at all of the…

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Here’s The Best Kids’ Movies & Shows Coming To Netflix This Month

Photo: Netflix US & Canada
From classic films to original television shows, Netflix is debuting some fresh picks to get the new year started. Check the list below of the best children’s movies and shows coming to Netflix this month.…

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The Safe House

Photo: Pixabay
“Mommy, I’m safe,” she said, snuggling into my chest as we laid in bed, in that sweet interim between saying bedtime prayers and finally closing her eyes to sleep.
Where did that come from? I wonder, while reassuring…

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“Sympathetic Vomiter” Dad Can’t Handle Toddler, Cops Called

Kids vomit, we clean it up. We’ve all been there, done that, right? Apparently not. Dad Ben Patterson posted a screenshot of the text messages he sent to his wife when their son, Declan, barfed all over himself in the…

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Nosey Facts About Smell Your Kids Will Love

These 10 fun facts about smell will surprise you.

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english bulldogs, cute bulldogs, jelly_pp bulldogs,

10 Adorable English Bulldogs That Will Love You Forever

What’s not to love about these unfortunate-looking creatures?  Yes, English Bulldogs will snore, drool, and stink up every room in your house, but that’s just a small price to pay for the their unconditional love.  So this holiday season, give…

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See SeaTac from Another Angle: Jet Over to Angle Lake Park

It’s an unfortunate fact for most of us urbanites–hear the name SeaTac and you’re envisioning impossible check-in lines, incessant jet noise and whiny kids after a long flight. But what if we told you SeaTac also equals hours of water…

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Book Tour: How to Find Pale Male in Central Park

Did you know that Central Park is one of the 14 best places to birdwatch in the United States, right up there with Yosemite National Park? The 275 different species that have been spotted in the park are, in fact,…

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Playborhood Tip #1: Start a Neighborhood Summer Camp

To those of us who think of childhood summers as carefree times for neighborhood fun, free of schedules and direct adult authority, children have no summers anymore.
Sure, school still ends every June and the weather still gets hot (hopefully),…

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