It’s More Important Than Ever for Your Child to Have a Back-to-School Eye Exam—Here’s Why

After a year of school closures, virtual learning and social distancing… it’s no surprise that there’s been an increase in screen time. (How else could we bake cookies with grandma, practice reading skills or travel to an aquarium halfway around…

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Diverse Voices & Stories Shine with Disney+’s New Shorts

Get ready for some major chills over these beautiful new films.

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10 Ways Parents Can Fight for Social Justice, Today & Every Day

Practical tools to help you parent to your intentions.

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Why I Love the Term Rainbow Baby

“It was in the months that followed that I learned of the term rainbow baby—a name given to a baby born shortly after the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or death in infancy. This term is used because a rainbow typically follows a storm, giving us hope for what’s to come.”

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The #1 Kids Podcast, “Wow in the World,” Is about to Get Even Bigger

Mindy & Guy Raz are planning to reach even more kids.

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Why You Should Reduce Your Child’s Tech Use

“Limit the use, be open to discussions about the good and bad of tech, and encourage your children to spend time outside while their phones stay at home.”

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This 11-Year-Old’s 3rd Book Donates Proceeds to COVID Response

The author wants to help kids experience the world around them.

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Carter’s New Organic Collection Has Us Wishing It Came in Adult Sizes

Your Carter’s collection (or wishlist) likely includes cozy footies and adorable bodysuits. They’re adding to their already-popular styles with a brand-new line made up of totally organic and sustainable materials.

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How Self Love Got Me through High School

“This girl, as miserable as she was, woke up each day, maybe a bit shaky and not as strong as she hoped to be, and placed one foot in front of the other, saying a silent prayer for this day to move along and to find some joy.”

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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Adds Children’s Book Author to His Resume

Is there anything Kevin Hart can’t do? His debut children’s book Marcus Makes a Movie is set to be published by Crown Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books. The first in a series, Marcus Makes…

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Set New Year’s Intentions Rather Than Resolutions

“In the spirit of setting ourselves free from the psychological weight that’s dragging so many of us down, I propose this be of intentions rather than resolutions.”

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How to Make a Vision Board with Kids

Make your family goals a reality with our easy-peasy vision board tutorial.

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Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneur Life With Maria Dueñas Jacobs

From the board room, to the changing room. These Power Parent moms share how they juggle it all

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Tummy Time Hacks by a Pediatric Physical Therapist

As a pediatric physical therapist and mom of two, not only have I been there, done that, but it’s actually my job to help parents and babies become tummy time masters!

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Now Is the Time to Have Your Child’s Vision Checked—Here’s Why

Did you know that more than 40 percent of Americans have myopia (also known as nearsightedness)1? This vision problem can develop and worsen over time as a child grows and can even be influenced by factors such as genetics2, increased…

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Introducing the Magic of Giving in 2020 & Beyond

“We may be limited in the things that we can do right now but we can challenge ourselves and our children to be limitless in our decision to give.”

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A Beautiful Mess

Etsy Debuts New Collection with “A Beautiful Mess”

It includes products for kids, parents, and decor pieces to spruce up bedrooms and nurseries.

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Yo-Yo Ma Joins Raffi and Lindsay Munroe on “For All You Do”

The song is a thank you to essential workers during the pandemic.

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TOMS x Once Upon A Farm

TOMS & Once Upon A Farm Team Up for an Apple-Themed Shoe Collection

TOMS x Once Upon a Farm collaboration is available in stores now.

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Marvel's 616

Disney+ Releases Sneak Peek of New Original Docuseries “Marvel’s 616”

Each documentary in the series brings the filmmaker’s vision to life.

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What’s the Right Age for Your Child’s First Eye Exam? The Answer May Surprise You

We asked mother of two and optometrist Dr. Jennifer Wademan about the right age for an exam, what to expect, and more about kid’s eye health.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch

“Star Wars: The Bad Batch” to Debut on Disney+ in 2021

The series picks up where “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” left off.

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Nick News

Nick News Returns with “Kids, Race and Unity: A Nick News Special” Hosted by Alicia Keys

During the broadcast Keys spoke with Black kids about the bias they have faced in their lives. 

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This Photo Series Adds Black Girl Magic to Your Favorite Fairy Tales

The princesses were redefined with a twist of Black girl magic.

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